The real purpose of Free Trade Agreements!

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The real purpose of Free Trade Agreements!

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✘The real purpose of Free Trade Agreements!
✘How to save Thailand from economic ruin and get its sovereignty back!
✘How to prepare for the coming economic collapse and even profit from it!
✘ How to stimulate the economy without spending one Baht!◄

Since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and China the bilateral trade-imbalance has grown to over ฿600 Billion per annum, that is to say that every year China owns ฿600 Billion more of Thailand.
Unsustainable Trade imbalance!

Since 2003 this trade-imbalance has accumulated to a total of 5.5 Trillion Baht, as of 2020, that’s 50 % of the entire annual Thai GDP.

The argument that this is partially offset by tourism, and that the ‘Balance of Payments’ is the crucial factor, overlooks that:
  • Thai manufacturers are being destroyed by cheap, inferior imports and Thai productive people are being made redundant as a cause of this flood of imports from China.
  • China can, and will, turn off the flow of tourists to Thailand at an instant if they wish to do so, but the Thai manufacturing base can’t be rebuilt again once it is lost. (The US is learning that painful lesson now after decades of outsourcing their manufacturing to China for quick profits!)
  • Thailand gets hit by a triple whammy:
    1. Loss of Wealth to China
    2. Loss of jobs and manufacturing in Thailand
    3. Chinese inferior products require constant replacing since they are intentionally so poorly designed and manufactured that they don’t last for any length of time, while superior Thai products are always cheaper in the long run!

It is nigh impossible to have any fair and equitable trade with China;
  1. China is dumping products on a huge scale onto the Thai market, selling products below cost to deliberately destroy Thai Manufacturers! (This used to be an illegal practice but is now their preferred tactic!)
  2. The Chinese economy is estimated to be up to 25% built on illegal copyright infringements.
  3. Chinese products are of such inferior quality that they often would not qualify as being of ‘Merchantable Quality’ in most countries but are nevertheless bought by consumers simply on price!
  4. The majority of Chinese products in our retail stores are not labelled as being produced in China and often they even carry Thai Barcodes to mislead the consumer into thinking that they’re produced in Thailand.
  5. The big Thai retail companies almost exclusively hide the origin of products by using internal Barcodes and never label the origin of products.
  6. Thailand is unfortunate that China has millions of agents already inside Thailand who have taken over the Thai economy and now have declared war against their kind host-country: they have shown absolutely no loyalty to Thailand and have replaced almost 100% of the product range in their Retail chains with imported products from China!
  7. China with its trillions in foreign reserves has always the upper hand in any negotiations and is using this pecuniary superiority to get iniquitous advantages with other countries.
  8. China employs an army of Slave Labour of 6 to 8 million prisoners they've incarcerated in Laogai Camps where they are forced to carry out hard work of very long hours under horrific working conditions. This merchandise is then dumped on marketห like Thailand at very low prices to destroy Thai manufacturers! How can garments, for instance, be shipped all the way from China and dumped here at ฿40 retail?

(Read more on the signing of this FTA by Thaksin below!)

✘The Chinese OBOR Initiative

Wherever the Chinese arrive under the One Belt One Road, OBOR, projects, there is seething resentment against these new colonizers.
From Cambodia to Pakistan, from Myanmar to Sri Lanka, from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, from Poland to Hungary, local people are being crushed, cheated, evicted and made homeless and penniless!

• In Pakistan the Chinese build a road from China to the Port of Gwadar which gives them access to the Arabian Sea and is likely to be perverted into a military installation! Local people see zero benefits from this mega project and only suffer discrimination, evictions and economic ruin.

• In Myanmar China is contracted to build a dam project on the Irrawaddy river to generate power, but China will get 90% of the power generation and will be the master and owner of this project!
2015 Map of OBOR Projects

• In Sri Lanka the Chinese took over Hambantota harbour on a 99 year lease which they now likely turn into a military installation and naval port.
No local Sri Lankan is allowed to enter this harbour facility, only Chinese personnel is permitted to enter, despite promises that the land owners, who were forced off the land without any compensation, would get jobs at the harbour!
Corrupt Sri Lankan politicians contracted China to buildHarbours, Hospitals, Airports and Roads, none of which are useful and stand now empty and all were built by the Chinese, with Chinese capital, materials, workers and Sri Lanka only has left the huge debt to the Chinese and zero benefits!
Sri Lanka lost its sovereignty to the Chinese and has become their debt-slave and vassal.

• In Canada, though outside of OBOR, but highly relevant to understanding how the Chinese operate, they are engaged in building a LNG facility and pipeline and all along the pipeline native Indian Tribes People, hundreds if not thousands, have been murdered and often their organs have been removed in the horrific practice of live organ harvesting.
This is to establish this Chinese pipeline against the opposition from indigenous Tribes people who don’t want to give up their native lands to foreign corporations.

Live Organ Harvesting is a practice which the Chinese Government and Military are doing to their own people on a huge scale where annually some 100,000 Organ transplants take place in China, while in Chinese culture it is anathema to their belief in the afterlife to donate one’s organs as that would deprive them of an existence in the afterlife. There is ample evidence that Political Prisoners, Falun Gong members and ethnic minorities like Tibetans, Uighurs etc, are surreptitiously executed for this lucrative mass-murder by the Chinese authorities.

(Researchers estimate that as many as 1.5 million victims have had their organs harvested for China’s transplant industry. JUNE 3, 2017)

Read more:
• Book: Bloody Harvest: Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China; David Matas
• Book: The Slaughter: Mass Killings, Organ Harvesting and China's Secret Solution to its Dissident Problem; Ethan Gutmann
• Medical Genocide: Hidden Mass Murder in China's Organ Transplant Industry; Vimeo ... 58171.html ... delivered/

As a consequence, Lu Shaye, former Ambassador, Wang Dongjin CEO of Petrochina Ltd., Jilin Fu CEO of Petrochina Canada Ltd., have been summoned by the ‘International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State’, ITCCS, in connection with these Mass-Murders uncovered along the Pipeline.
Canada already lost its sovereignty to China with Chinese paramilitary being stationed in the country to ‘protect’ Chinese investments there; an ominous development where the paymaster becomes the master and the debtor the slave.

• The OBOR model is everywhere the same:
Chinese Banks lend the money, Chinese Companies get the contracts, Chinese engineers and Workers are brought in to do the work, Chinese materials are shipped in wherever possible and China takes all the profits, and the local country is left indebted to China and sees its economy destroyed by cheap Chinese imports!
Most of these projects are hugely overprized by multiple factors, many are not necessary, and could be built and financed easily by local companies and thus really benefit the country.

But Chinese money seemingly buys off corrupt politicians all along OBOR and thus we have projects whose contractual terms and economics must be kept secret because they are either hugely overprized, not necessary, only benefit China and or are secretly misused by China as military installations.

One day maybe all these foolish countries signing up to OBOR will wake up and realize that China had only its own interests at heart with the OBOR initiative and that they have become vassals to a new master, replacing the US as their new slave master – which will be even worse because the Chinese will totally own them and their country, even while the US is still raping and plundering their country via its Multinational Corporations.

►China is building an Empire of Vassal States on a global scale and no one is realizing it!
The Thailand must cancel all projects with China unless Thailand has total control and ownership of these projects and actually benefits from them on a cost/return basis.

The China – Thailand rail connection has only one purpose; to quickly and cheaply ship cheap, inferior Chinese goods into Thailand and destroy the Thai economy as is their stated aim; it is total dominance over every country via economic colonisation. While the US tries the same with their Multinational Corporations and by military conquest the Chinese fool everyone with hollow promises and bribes of money to make everyone a dependent vassal!

Once in debt you become the slave and as we have seen with the US; a master never leaves its vassal state unless there is violent revolution!

✘ Understanding Free Trade Agreements!

The signing of the FTA by Thaksin was not an act of patriotism to boost the Thai economy, quite to the contrary!
To understand this it is vital to understand that the world is ruled by a ruthless, truly evil moneyed Oligarchy of which Thaksin is an integral part of.
Thaksin at the CFR on the
day of the Coup

Thaksin is an associate of the CFR, an agent for the Carlyle Group and socializes in those circles who pull the leavers in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels etc, i.e. the ‘Deep State’!

The Carlyle Group is profiting everywhere from wars, death and destruction and is always looking for cheap assets being hocked off by a stupid, complicit governments!
As their agent, traitor Thaksin immediately on becoming Prime Minister fulfilled his task for them to privatize Government assets for these vulture companies like the Carlyle Group to profiteer and to rape and plunder Thailand!
As an agent and affiliate of the CFR and the Carlyle Group, i.e. the Deep State, Thaksin would very well know what the real reason for privatization is and what FTA's real intent are.

With FTAs one signatory country inevitably becomes the borrower and the other the lender and the borrower always ends up as the vassal to the lender!

The ‘Deep State’s’ stated goal is a “One World Government” and they are plotting to achieve this by any nefarious and spurious means; i.e. by destroying Nations and their Sovereignty:
  • First with the League of Nations
  • Then the totally compromised United Nations
  • The corrupt, criminal European Union
  • Wars of aggression, Death and Destruction across the globe in their criminal Wars to achieve and maintain hegemony and Vassalage over every Nation on the planet.
  • NAFTA, ASEAN etc
  • all the other spurious “Free Trade Agreements”

The idea is to build blocks of vassal countries dependent on each other and then to link all those blocks under a One World Government tyranny with the moneyed Oligarchy as the rulers – this is widely known and acknowledged!

‘Free Trade Agreements’ are one favourite way to achieve their aim of ‘One World Government’ because foolish, dumb and corrupt politicians are easily swayed to sign up to these FTAs with the hollow promises of economic benefits which supposedly will ensue to their countries.
Thus they are easy to sell to the public, as the sugar-coated official narrative seems quite compelling and difficult to disprove before the signing of such FTAs!

However it is cogently clear that this is a recipe for disaster for most countries because only the stronger country will benefit and the weaker one will become a vassal to the stronger one, just as happened in the EU!
The promise of 1.2 Billion customers in China sounds very tempting but in fact never materializes since the Chinese never play fair and place endless hurdles to competitors from other countries and they are extremely parochial.
Also FTAs are so structured that the weaker country can never protect itself from economic colonialism and most even prohibit governments from favoring their own industry when awarding contracts and sourcing supplies!
This of course is treason!

►What are the true terms of the FTA with China?

It must be understood that FTAs are a total relinquishment of sovereignty; that is once a country loses the ability to protect its domestic economy and trade balance it is totally at the mercy of the stronger country.
As a cogent example to illustrate what it means to lose ones sovereignty over the economy and thus policy and looking after ones economy and citizens first, just take a look at the British Empire:

• When the British invaded India in the 17th century India it lost its sovereignty, and in the ensuing 200 years of colonialism the British massacred some 100 million in deliberately engineered famines out of greed to extract as much profits from planted Indigo and Opium instead of letting India plant rice to feed its population. During poor harvests the British even increased taxes to a crippling 60% to compensate for lost profits and forced more planting of Indigo and Opium to offset the reduced crops during drought, thus causing tens of millions to starve!

• During WW1 the British colonizers in Iran forcibly requisitioned Iranian food supplies to feed their armies in India and actually prevented the Iranians from importing food to feed their people; as a result of this Crime against Humanity some 9 million Iranians died in this famine during 1917-1919.
The reason for this mass-murder by the British is has they had found oil in Iran and didn’t want Iran to be a strong country able to demand fair compensation for the rape and plunder of their oil. The British even withheld the meagre royalty payments they were obliged to pay so that Iran could not buy sufficient alternative food supplies from abroad to replace the domestic supplies requisitioned, i.e. stolen, by their colonizers! All the documentation of these atrocities have been systematically eliminated and destroyed to hide their Crimes against Humanity!
All these heinous crimes were repeated all over the British Empire over which “the Sun never set” where the British colonizers massacred many hundreds of millions in their economic rape and plunder, estimated to be hundreds of Trillions of dollars of wealth from their Vassals!

► This is what really happens to countries once they lose their Sovereignty- and this is what is now unfolding with Thailand right now!

• Free Trade Agreements, particularly with the US, are designed to allow the Wall Street Banks to take over the local Banks, and thus the entire Financial System, of other countries.
And also to sell and force their toxic financial assets like Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDOs) MBSs and many other worthless Derivatives onto these other countries.

►Once you control the financial system of a country you control the economy and thus the government, their laws and everything else!

• Globalization is another way of usurping nations’ sovereignty by letting Multinational Corporations rape and plunder nations due to their immense power and influence.
The TPP was the ultimate attempt to install total Corporate Tyranny where the dictate of the multinational corporations would overrule nation’s laws and regulations.
It even had provisions that disputes would not be settled in a nation’s courts but in Tribunals which would be staffed by corporate lawyers; the very definition of a Kangaroo Court!
Another provision is that if a nation would for instance improve worker’s rights and working conditions, raise the minimum wage, or tighten environmental protection etc, then corporations would have the right to sue the government for ‘loss of future earnings’!

Total Corporate Tyranny, total loss of Sovereignty!

The Oligarchy in power is constantly plotting to annihilate nations and impose their tyrannical rule to enslave humanity!

✘The Deep State and their nefarious aims

• One World Government is the aim of the super-rich Oligarchy ruling the planet via their Think Tanks, Financial Institutions, puppet Governments and global institutions serving only them and their satanic goals:
  • CFR, Chatham House, Atlantic Council, AIPAC, Brookings Institution, Trilateral Commission, RAND Corporation, Freedom House, PNAC (the Think Tank behind 911!) and many more!
  • BIS, IMF, WB, Fed, Central Banks, Wall Street, City of London, CIA, MI6, US Military, NATO, etc.
  • European Union, United Nations, World Trade Organisation, World Economic Forum, “Free Trade Agreements”, etc
  • The parasitic Fiat Currency System i.e.:
    • The hegemony of the US Dollar
    • All the rigged criminal Markets.
    • The rigged supply chains and control over the means of distribution, production and markets.
  • The Western economic and financial hegemony over the global economic system!
    (Every war was fought over achieving and maintaining this hegemony from World War 1 and World War 2 to stop Germany becoming too much of an economic Competitor (see the Rothschild - Milner Group/Round Table connection to bring about World War 1 and then World War 2)
    The UN documented 1.3 Billion unnecessary Deaths over the last 50 years alone due to this inequitable, parasitic economic system and the Wars fought to maintain this discriminatory, rapacious system for the Western Powers of the US, UK, France, Germany and the EU!
  • Military dominance and the ability to blackmail every country into submission with this military might which is present in every corner of the globe!

These are all the means with which these Oligarchs maintain their dominance and subjugation of every nation on the planet: none of these top-down imposed institutions have any legitimacy and all are criminal to the core!

Instead of moving ever closer to that tyrannical aim of ‘One World Government’ where a few super rich Oligarchs rule over Humanity, we need to return to more communal self-government, to decision making on a local level, Direct Democracy, and the ability to protect these communities from economic, financial and cultural genocide which is planned and is currently happening!

• The financial system with the US Dollar being the reserve currency combined with the Petro Dollar and the unilateral reneging by the US of the Bretton Woods Agreement i.e. the Gold convertibility, has allowed the US to take control of the entire global economy by simply printing $13 Trillion Fiat Dollars and buying up assets and enormous economic power globally. The US is the biggest parasite and colonialist in history!

Equally this allowed the US to fund a gigantic military to wage criminal wars against any country which is not willing to become a vassal and letting their resources to be raped and plundered and to have 800 military bases globally and thus occupy virtually the entire planet and make all these countries their vassals! With their oversized War-Machine the US has destroyed country after country and massacred hundreds of millions, from Korea in the 1950s to Vietnam, Afghanistan, Central America, Africa, Afghanistan again, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen etc.

(Thailand being a vassal to the US was complicit in the venal destruction of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and the mass-murder of some 5 million innocent people in this criminal war of aggression by the US; does anyone want a repeat of this ignominious culpability of such heinous Crimes against Humanity as during the Vietnam War?)

✘How to successfully become independent, self-sufficient and sovereign again!

• As a cogent example of how reversing and stopping unfettered ‘Free Trade’ will strengthen and make a country more prosperous we can look at the very recent example of Russia!
The illegal, unilateral and spiteful US Sanctions on Russia have helped it to become almost entirely independent and self-sufficient in economic and financial terms, making Russia that much more prosperous and stronger in every respect. It has re-aligned its economy to produce all its essential and strategic commodities, from Agriculture to Hi-Tech, from Industrial Production to Artificial Intelligence, from SPFS (Russia’s alternative to SWIFT) to Financial Markets; Russia has proven and cogently demonstrated that “Free Trade” is a recipe for Economic Disaster and Slavery to the ones who have the upper hand and control all the levers of power via the Banking system, i.e. the criminal Wall Street Banks, the equally criminal Fed and BIS, and the nefarious Multinational Corporations who are all a law onto themselves!
The US Puppet President Yeltsin let Russia to be raped and plundered by western companies after the 1990 collapse of the Soviet Union, but has since then rebuilt its entire economy and the unilateral Sanctions have only sped up this recovery!

Russia welcomes these criminal sanctions, which were designed to weaken and destroy Russia, but instead strengthened it enormously as a law of unintended consequences!

✘ How to stimulate the economy without spending one Baht!

• The Thai government is forced to spend ฿370 Billion to revitalise the economy.
This desperate emergency measure is only necessary because a lot of money is flowing out of the country to China and the Thai economy is deliberately being destroyed with cheap, inferior Chinese products imported by traitors whose loyalty lies more with their ‘ancestral homeland’ than with Thailand!

►Instead, at no cost, the Government could simply protect Thai manufacturers by stopping the flood of Chinese imports.

Now we would not normally advocate the total lawlessness the US has demonstrated, but America has shown that legally signed agreements can be reneged at will:

The US has a long history of breaking just about every agreement it ever signed so as to benefit only its own interests:
  • Bretton Woods Agreement.
  • Rome Statute
  • BM Treaty
  • INF Treaty
  • And dozens more!

But this demonstrates, in the case of the US, that when a country wants to renege on its contractual obligations it can do so without any repercussions.

Whereas the FTAs the government has signed are clearly undermining Thai sovereignty and the ability to protect its vital interests, such as the economy, balance of payments and territorial sovereignty!

The Thai government should either cancel this one-sided ‘Free Trade Agreement’ or renegotiate the terms so that there is fair and a balanced trade between Thailand and China!
Even if Thailand would lose all its exports to China, the country would still be better off by the Trade deficit, which is a huge ฿600 Billion per annum!

►That's why the Thai economy is in tatters!

• Why is the Government buying Chinese made military and naval equipment when the military and navy are bitterly complaining about their inferior quality and usability?

Thailand would be much better off building this equipment itself and if not able to do so then source them from Russia, or build them under license. Russian technology and hardware are far superior in quality and price than Chinese!

• Has Thailand already become a Vassal to the Chinese or are there even worse factors at play like corruption?

China boasts that they have prevented 23 million Chinese citizens from purchasing tickets with their 'Social Credit' system where they arbitrarily penalise citizens they don't like or who criticise the enormous human rights abuses of the Chinese regime. Others are simply used for their lucrative organ harvesting business.
China is the most horrific tyranny, and do Thais want these heinous Tyrants becoming their masters?

✘ A new Gold Standard is coming and Thailand must prepare for it!

Under the old Gold Standard where currencies were Gold backed, every country was forced to maintain balanced trade with other countries or lose all its wealth, i.e. their Gold, and thus become insolvent!
This was a much more equitable and sustainable financial system and one which is being implemented now, and will be the new reality after the collapse of the present unsustainable, parasitic and iniquitous Fiat Currency system.
But the Deep State truly hates Gold and does everything possible to destroy Gold as a monetary instrument. However productive people globally know that only Gold is real money and has maintained its purchasing power for over 5,000 years. That’s why everyone clever enough buys Gold to preserve their hard earned wealth and not Fiat Currency, which will go to zero very soon!

So Thailand must dump all their worthless US Treasuries and buy Gold as much as they can, like Russia, Turkey, Iran and China are doing to prepare for the coming new Gold Standard which is already being implemented!

This is the easiest choice to make:
  • Either own US Fiat Currency and Treasuries, which will go to Zero soon….
  • Or own Gold which will multiply in price many times and be the only asset still worth something after the collapse and actually be the new money!

► So will Thailand finally experience Patriotic leadership and the protection of Thai Manufacturing and Balance of Payments?
Such a huge Trade imbalance can only be maintained for a short period of time and eventually will lead to financial ruin and vassalage!

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