Dethroning the US Dollar, a history of the current Financial System.

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Dethroning the US Dollar, a history of the current Financial System.

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The way forward to a fairer, more equitable Monetary System!

• The current Monetary System in its historical context!

Since the 1860s up to WW I some 60% of world trade was conducted in British Pounds, making it the dominant world reserve currency at that time.
To finance the First World War, Britain abandoned the Gold Standard to be free to print and fund its war in Europe.

This unrestrained printing caused inflationary pressures causing prices to rise by a factor of 2.7 between 1914 and 1920.
World reserve currencies over
the course of History

It also allowed the UK to utilise their Gold to purchase supplies for the war effort from the US. The Americans were smart enough to demand payment in Gold rather than rapidly depreciating Fiat Currency printed with abandon.
✘See Footnote: a

This same pattern was repeated during the second World War, and by the end of WWII the US had acquired around 22,000 tons of Gold, including the confiscation from the people under the 1933 Executive Order 6102 and the Gold Reserve Act 1934.

This led, under the golden rule, “Those who hold the Gold, rule” for the US to dictate the terms of the Bretton Woods Agreement signed in 1944 by 44 countries to establish a new World Financial System.

Since the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement the US Dollar has, rightly or wrongly, been elevated as virtually the sole World Reserve Currency with world commodities being priced and traded in US$.
This system forced every other nation to hold US Dollars as their main foreign reserves and enshrined all the associated privileges and advantages over every other nation not holding the Reserve Currency.
This system allowed the US to virtually print unlimited amounts of Dollars as the demand for Dollars was in lockstep with the rise in World Trade.
(Globalisation has two ominous components for the US; demand for Dollars and the ability to plunder every country on the planet.)

The Bretton Woods System anchored the US$ to Gold at $35/oz, and all other currencies being tied to the US$ at fixed rates, with the US guaranteeing the conversion of foreign held Dollars, albeit by Sovereign Nations only, into Gold.

This meant that the world was still on a quasi Gold Standard, though limited to Sovereign Nations, with individuals being excluded from converting their paper currency into something of tangible value, i.e. Gold.

By the early 1970s the US was running massive Fiscal and Trade Deficits and thus, under the Bretton Woods Agreement, was bleeding its Gold reserves in enormous amounts. The fiscal deficit was mostly due to the Vietnam war, and this eventually caused yet another abandonment of the Gold Standard in order to print unlimited Fiat Currency to fund yet another criminal War of aggression.
✘See Footnotes: b
US Dollar purchasing power
versus US public Debt

The combination of deficits, printing, high inflation, and hence the collapse of faith in the Dollar as the world reserve currency drained the US Gold holdings from 22,000 tons to less than 8,500 tons between 1945 and 1971. (Including the ill-conceived, ill-fated London Gold Pool intervention)

When on August 11th 1971 the British Ambassador sought to redeem US$3b paper currency into Gold, as per the BWA, Nixon, four days later on that fateful day of August 15th 1971, unilaterally reneged on the BWA, solemnly signed by the US and 43 other nations, hypocritically blaming ‘speculators’ for the nigh demise of the US$ and the run on gold!

But it was De Gaulle, President of France, not being part of the London/DC and City/WS club, in a fierce and contemptible smear campaign by the Political/Financial/MSM establishment in the US and UK, who got the blame for the supposed ‘speculators’ run on Gold and the demise of the ‘Gold Window’, the convertibility of paper dollars into Gold.

• Birth of the Petro Dollar!

With the abandonment of the quasi Gold Standard enshrined in the BWA and the US running massive deficits, putting the US$ under enormous pressure, the oil producing countries flirted with the idea of selling oil in a basket of currencies.

This self-inflicted, lethal threat to the Dollar, in 1973, prompted Henry Kissinger as both Secretary of State and Head of the White House National Security Council to implement a plan to both save the US$ and tip the economic advantage back to the US.

US Secretary of Treasury William Simon was dispatched to negotiate a secret deal with the Saudis, the biggest oil producer, and by extension with OPEC, that oil would only be sold for US$ and the surplus Dollars be invested in US Treasuries by the oil producers.
In return the US would supply them with arms and guarantee the defence of their oil fields, which by extension meant Saudi Arabia itself, and therefore keep the unsavoury dictatorship and undemocratic regime in power as long as they adhered to this Petrodollar Regime.
Oil Prices and events driving them

This plan included also an assault on the rest of the global economy in the form of a quadrupling of the oil price.
(This is confirmed in an interview with Sheik Yamani, Saudi Oil Minister at the time.)
For the US this was no great problem since they have the ability to print unlimited Fiat Dollars, but for every other nation it had two adverse effects; the increased costs crippled their economies and at the same time fourfold the demand for US$ to buy oil. This last point was the main reason for the fourfold increase engineered by the US with its Saudi Partners in Crime.
It was also to bail out an overextended US oil industry which needed higher oil prices to avert widespread bankruptcies amongst the oil majors.
Shah of Persia,
Sheik Yamani

In all a cunning and yet diabolical plan by the USG/WS/City Banksters and Think Tank planners!
(It has been suggested that this plan was hatched by the Bilderberg Group in its May 1973 meeting and implemented by Kissinger with their puppet Shah of Iran and King Faisal of SA)
Nixon / Kissinger; Schemers,
Plotters, Warmongers

This pledge of unconditional support for any tyrannical/dictatorial regime and the supply and sale of otherwise restricted arms by the US in exchange for the Petro$ proved so irresistible to the other oil producing OPEC countries that by 1975 all had agreed to this US$ Recycle/Protection racket.

The establishment of the Petro$ meant that every nation on the planet needed to hold US$ in order to buy oil, and that in turn meant that every nation would need to park their foreign reserves in US Treasuries.
Thus the US$ as the reserve currency was rescued and secured again, enforced and enshrined, not by choice but of necessity by every nation, and allowed the USG to continue with its Ponzi scheme of printing endless Dollars and passing them off to oil producers and every nation on the planet.

This dollar recycle racket has allowed the US to run huge budget deficits to continue funding its gigantic military, maintain bases in every corner of the globe, threaten every country and build and maintain an empire of puppet and vassal states around the globe.
Zimbabwe One Hundred Trillion
Dollar Note $100,000,000,000,000
The inevitable result of excess printing

It also allowed the US to print its fiat currency out if thin air and buy real goods from around the globe with this ever depreciating confetti currency.
If any other nation decided to go down that path it will quickly lead to uncontrollable inflation and then hyperinflation, e.g. Zimbabwe and Serbia are very recent examples.

In fact, the US has printed some 13 Trillion Dollars since the reneging, in 1971, on the convertibility of Dollars into Gold, and bought real goods and services with this confetti currency globally, exporting confetti currency printed out of thin air in exchange for tangible goods!
Nice racket if you can get away with it, as the US does due to its military prowess; bought exactly with this very crime racket!

It must be clear by now that Wall Street banksters, their puppet USG and CorpAm, all of which are in on the exploitation racket, have every incentive to maintain such a lucrative rort at all costs and would go to war at the slightest threat to this iniquitous extortion racket.
And as we have witnessed, wars were fought over this very exploitation racket from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran etc.

• Defence of the Petro$ at all costs; a) militarily!

This Petro$ racket worked well until November 2000 when then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein started selling his oil for Euros, this after years of the harshest most onerous, illegal and unjustified sanctions by the US, which killed 1 million Iraqis, according to Denis Halliday, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and who at the time was the senior UN official in Iraq.

Iraq wasn’t party to the original agreement between Saudi Arabia and the US but went subsequently along with it. But the mere fact that an OPEC nation dared to defy the Petrodollar and switch to another currency was enough of a threat to this rort that it was decided that he had to be taken out at all costs.
Saddam Gaddafi Assad and
why they were and are
being hunted and killed
like Dogs

The Mother of all False Flag Ops, 9/11 had many components to it, and surely this one must have been very high on the list of priorities and spin offs ensuing from this unprecedented False Flag atrocity by the Bush/Cheney administration with the aid of Mossad. But the connection just couldn’t be made convincingly enough between Saddam and the patsy, phantom plotters, so the WMDs were invented and it took untill 2003 to invade Iraq and remove Saddam whereupon oil sales were immediately switched back to the Petro$.

Then in December 2007 Iran announced that it had ‘eliminated all sales of oil in US$; “a worthless piece of paper”, and thus Iran is now again an ever more intensified target by the US Bankster cabal for breaking with the Petro$.
(There is no distinction between the USG, WS Banksters, CorpAm, the entire Financial System from the Fed, BIS, IMF to CBs, 'Think Tanks'; they are all run and controlled by the same Bankster Cabal)
The SWIFT System

Also in 2007 Iran opened the Iranian Oil Bourse with oil to be traded from the 20th of March 2008.
On the 17th of March that year, new, intensified Sanctions were imposed on Iran by the US and their EU puppets and their entire Iranian Banking system was blocked from the SWIFT transfer system. A crushing blow to Iran’s economy, but it actually backfired, as Iran switched to Gold barter, an even better way of trading commodities.

In 1986, 2000 and again in 2009 in his capacity as head of the African Union, Gaddafi proposed a pan African Gold Dinar, working with other African nations and Malaysia’s Mahathir to establish this honest, Gold backed currency to rival the west’s Fiat Currencies, mainly the US$, of the western powers and the Central Banking cartel, of which Libya was of course not a member. Gaddafi envisaged that all Arab Oil should be traded for this currency, completely abandoning the Petro$.

Gaddafi's legacy destroyed by NATO

It would have also challenged the Fiat Euro Currency, and this prompted French President Sarkozy to call the Gold Dinar a “threat to financial security and the world”. What he didn’t mention is that France is a great exploiter of African Resources and the so called ‘financial security’ is merely a threat to the iniquitous, exploitative Central Banking Fiat Currency System with which western Banksters can literally extort, exploit and enslave the entire planet.
It would have also set the stage to free the African Nations from the yoke and exploitation of the western colonial powers, mostly the US, European countries and certainly France.

The so called ‘rebels’, who fought Gaddafi as proxies and at the behest of the western powers, armed, financed and controlled by them, established a Libyan ‘Central Bank’ very early on in the contrived ‘uprising’ while there was no sign of any victory over Gaddafi, and this so called Central Bank was immediately recognized by western powers.
Obama's Libyan Humanitarian Mission!

This is the first time in history that a ragtag rebel group of ‘disenchanted peasants’ formed a ‘Central Bank’, which was part of the international, privately owned banking system, and was immediately recognized!
In fact it has been publicly disclosed that as early as 2010 mercenaries armed, paid and directed by western powers were operating in Libya.

Since the destruction of Gaddafi’s economic and political legacy, the 144 tons of Libya’s Gold has vanished, evidently it has been stolen by City/WS Banksters and sold a hundred times over just like all the other Gold stolen from everyone’s allocated account in every western bank.

Read more about the reasons why Gaddafi was 'taken out' so that Hillary could boast: "We came, we saw, he died!" here!

• Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, North Korea, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, et al.

All these countries are targeted, with variations, for the very same reasons; the US$ / Petro$! Some have an oil/gas component, some don’t have a Central Bank under the control of the money masters from WS/City, some defy control over their resources/economy, some ban certain American companies/products, e.g. Monsanto/GM seeds, McDonalds, WS Banksters etc.

From all this it is obvious that the US$ as the sole World Reserve Currency combined with the Petrodollar accords enormous, unfair advantages to the US, and has proven to be but a scourge on humanity.

• Defence of the Petro$ at all costs; b) financially!

Another real threat to the US$ is the oldest and most reliable, globally trusted form of Money; Gold!

Ever since the closing of the ‘Gold Window’ in 1971 there has been a very well documented conspiracy by the Banksters, the USG and all their functionaries in the Fed, BIS, WS, ESF, IMF and many CB in Europe to vilify and destroy Gold as a monetary unit.
Earliest known Coinage from Lydia
about 600 BC

However very unsuccessfully so, as today more than ever in its 5,000 year history is Gold the first and foremost choice for people around the globe as a store of their wealth, and as a means of exchange of Value!
At least outside of the US/EU sphere of Bankster control and MSM brainwash, as in Asia and Russia and the Middle East.

Thus, the modus operandi by the Anti Gold Cartel is to suppress, steal, hock off, lease, vilify and ridicule Gold by every means; by hook or crook. Since the inception of the COMEX and Futures trading in 1975, Gold is being suppressed with Naked Shorts; the dumping of Gold, and Silver Futures Contracts the seller does not have or own.
This fractional Gold Crime Racket has seen that the COMEX has leveraged every ounce to over five hundred times; that's they've sold every ounce of Gold more than 500 times over to suppress the price and they are not stopped by the CFTC or any regulator since these 'Regulators' are all part of the Criminal System in power, all bought off by the Banksters in power!

There are numerous factors involved in the suppression of Gold and Silver prices!
✘See Footnotes below!
  • The support of the US$ by selling naked short Gold Futures and buying US$ in the Forex market. It is safe to assume that the financial powers in the Fed, ESF, BoE and other CBs have sold just about all the Gold in their custody and care on behalf of the people of the US, UK Germany and many other countries from around the globe. Fort Knox and the NY Fed’s vaults are empty! (A German delegation was flatly refused to see their own Gold supposedly stored in the NY Fed under the most puerile, insulting excuses!)
  • The Banksters’ crime of suppressing and rigging the Gold and Silver prices accords them an enormous bonanza of defrauding all other market participants out of trillions of their hard earned cash, since they are the only punters in the know which way the market they’ll push next. And all with complete impunity of course, since the Banksters bought off the entire system with this looted wealth from productive people, i.e. YOU!
  • The endless suppression and constant waterfall declines creates the impression of Gold being a very volatile and unreliable investment and thus it dissuades many of the productive people from using the ultimate form of Money as their preferred choice as storage for their hard earned wealth.
    Cartel's Gold suppression Crime

    Thus, when the Fiat currencies finally collapse, and they will, it’s the very wealthy, the banksters, who accumulated vast amounts of Gold themselves, who will be the only ones with their stolen, looted wealth intact – and thus continue to be in power.
  • It is a desperate attempt to excise Gold from the monetary system once and for all. The parasitic banksters’ suppression of Gold and Silver to completely uneconomical levels has all but bankrupted the entire Mining Industry around the globe, and of course trillions upon trillions of productive people’s investments along with it. This alone is an enormous crime against the productive people globally by the parasitic Bankster cabal.

Sanctions aimed at Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan etc, regardless of the pretence under which they were illegally implemented, all are aimed at clobbering any nation daring to challenge the US$/US Empire and Hegemony.

SDRs are another attempt to excise Gold from the World Monetary System for good.
Composition of SDRs

The SDRs, Special Drawing Rights, were specifically invented to replace Gold and its role as the ultimate financial instrument in the global financial system. Made up of the US$, Pound, Euro, Yen and now Yuan, they excluded the currency of the biggest economy, that of China up until very recently and still exclude the Russian Ruble, let alone many other currencies like the Brazilian Real, Swiss Franc or Swedish Krona.

The US, by holding 17.45% of the SDR voting share, still holds the IMF to ransom with its veto power over all IMF actions, as all decisions need an 85% approval by its members! The US' contribution of their Fiat Currency is about $85 Bln, or 115 Bln in SDRs.


Presently the US$ makes up 41.73% of these Fiat SDRs. They are equal in all respects to the sick US$ and every Fiat currency and are just another instrument by the Oligarchy in power to stay in power, rape, plunder and to exert their political power over every nation.
By promoting these Fiat SDRs as reserve currency the ruling Oligarchy intends to extend their rule over the planet.
There is absolutely no limit to which these US Banksters, Think Tank warmongers and central planers will go to to preserve their Fiat extortion racket, netting them trillions in looted and stolen wealth from the productive people from around the globe.

• The implementation of a Fair, Equitable & Sustainable Alternative.

Now the last thing the planet obviously needs is another World Reserve Currency, giving one country the same privileges and advantages as the US$ accorded the US for the last seventy years, over 90 years in practice since the demise of the British Pound in 1920, evidently a horrific experience no one wants to repeat.

Gold has always been, and is still today the ultimate form of Money, and always will be; it is the only means for storing their wealth humanity has trusted for over five thousand years and today is still queuing up to buy Gold to rid themselves of their Fiat Confetti which was forced on them via complicit politicians who deemed it the only legal tender and means to pay taxes.

Iran and Russia have already started to trade their commodities, i.e. oil and gas for other than the Petro$, but more importantly, for Gold!
This ensued partly out of necessity after sanctions and of course a desire to 'De-Dollarize'; a move away from the US$.
The imposed barring from SWIFT forced Iran to find other ways to get paid for their vital exports, and also as a means to get real tangible assets in return for their hard assets; the US$ is no longer considered to fulfil that role.
Anti Fascist Team: Putin and Xi
Russia is virtually in the same position and is now working assiduously towards completely excising the US$ from their international trading.
Chinese Gold Imports

Currency Swaps is one such mechanism to circumvent the need for Dollars, and many such agreements have been signed by China with countries all around the globe. Russia and China are trading in their own currencies and most importantly in Gold, and any US$ they are forced to accept for their goods are promptly converted into the ultimate financial instrument; Gold.

Both, Russia and China have accumulated vastly more Gold than they are willing to admit to, this can be deduced and inferred from Gold flow data out of the US and UK, through Switzerland, in and out of Hong Kong, to Shanghai, into Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries.
What Iran, Russia and China now are conducting is a precursor for the implementation of a full blown international Gold Trade Settlement system, under the auspices of the BRICS Development Bank, which will most likely take on the role of implementing this system. This is the most elegant, fair, equitable and sustainable solution to international trade.
Currencies Timeline

Once the Fiat Currencies collapse, and they will, nations will have to choose what new monetary system they will adopt:
  • Will it just be a reset and opting again for a new Fiat Currency, which has it’s own demise innately pre-programmed as all Fiat Currency schemes have? This is obviously the 'natural' choice of the Oligarchs in power, courtesy of this very same Fiat Currency Racket they're desperately trying to preserve at all costs; over the corpses of millions as already evidenced.
  • Or go to a Gold Standard with a certain percentage amount of Gold backing to the currency?
  • Or the so called Debt Free Money, Fiat Currency issued and printed by the Government?

But there is a fourth option; the only logical and natural solution:
  • Gold as Money; not paper currency backed by Gold, but Gold as the actual Money, the store of Wealth; the means of Exchange of Value!

Paper notes can still be printed, electronic transactions and storage of Currency can still be conducted, but they merely represent a certain amount of Gold stored outside of the control of Banksters or Governments, but by an independent body specifically charged to administer the Gold Money under a statute which prevents the manipulation of the Money in any shape or form.
Gold as Money, a Note representing a certain quantity of Gold; Redeemable at any time!
What Gold as Money could look like

Or it could be completely private as is already the case with certain Gold storage service providers.
Any citizen will have the right to exchange their electronic or paper claims for the actual Gold at a minimal cost for administration and take possession of the Gold or Silver, or deposit Gold in the accepted standard form and get paper or electronic credits for it.
► See Kinesis as one such excellent modern day Monetary Systems which completely private, audited, secure, allocated and where the Gold and Silver is kept in secure, state of the art Vaults and jurisdictions like Liechtenstein.
We don't need any Bankster PARASITES controlling, raping and plundering us with their private Fiat Currency Crime Racket!

Gold as Money has many advantages over Fiat Currency:
  • It prevents parasitic Banksters from printing currency out of thin air and profiteering from this forged fiat currency with usury at the expense of productive people.
  • It prevents the printing of excess currency by the Central Bank and the Banksters, causing boom and bust cycles.
  • It prevents the printing of unlimited amounts of Fiat Currency, or the ability to abandon a Gold Standard to do the same, and fund military Adventures and Wars.
  • The supply of Money/Gold grows at a steady pace commensurate with sustainable economic and population growth.

With Gold as Money there is no concentrated ownership of it by any one single entity, be it the Zionist Bankster Families, WS Banksters, Banksters at the Fed, BIS, IMF or any Institution licensed to print and control currency.
Or the Government, puppets to the Monetary Oligarchs who inevitably will always bribe, own and control these prostitutes.

Those who advocate that the Government should own and issue ‘Debt Free’ Money must, by extension, also advocate prejudiced and gratuitous Government Power over the People.
Controlling Money, the lifeblood of the economy and people's livelihood surely amounts to the ultimate control over citizens!
✘See Footnote: c
Government issued ‘Debt Free’ Currency has some of the same flaws as privately owned Bankster Currency:
  • It can be printed to excess and cause inflation and destroy itself.
  • It can be manipulated and cause boom/bust cycles.
  • It can be printed to fund Wars.
  • It can be printed to fund extravagant projects and election promises to bribe electorates and thus rig elections.

Unless they had the savvy and discipline of Gaddafi, and what western politician could resist the temptation of printing even more to excess than under a private system where the Government needs to pay interest to the Banksters!

But let’s have competition in which form of Money the people will have faith and prefer to use as their store of Wealth and as a means of exchange of Value.

Let’s have Gold as Money and ‘Debt Free’ money issued by the Government.

It would have to be enshrined in the constitution that every citizen has the right to chose which form of money they accept as payment in commerce, pay their taxes in and get paid wages, pensions or for services by the Government.

This way it will be up to the people to decide what form of money they trust and prefer to use.

♦ Conclusion

Fiat Currency has proven itself to be the currency of Wars, Death, Destruction, Misery, Oppression, Exploitation and Rape & Plunder; hardly the attributes of a desirable monetary system.

The Wealth Extortion Racket

It is the foundation, the linchpin and instrument with which the elites exert and amass their power. And they will do everything to keep this racket going; Wars, Country destruction and over the corpses of millions without as much as a flinch.
But let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen again, as at Bretton Woods; let’s opt for a better alternative, one which prevents its usurpation and corruption!
Everything hinges on the type of Monetary System the world is working on. The privately owned Fiat Currency System of the Banksters gives concentrated, onerous power to these Oligarchs and they will make sure that their hold on power continues unimpeded.
But an organised, educated populace who is alert to the ways the system operates and how these ‘Elites’ can amass all their ill-gotten wealth and onerous power over Governments can prevent a repeat of this Crime against Humanity; and that’s what it is.
People need to spread the word on this criminal Racket, and achieve critical mass to stop these Criminals once and for all.

Gold has all the aspects and qualities to counter and prevent these scourges. Humanity deserves better than what we’ve experienced since the advent of modern Central banking centuries ago and which still remains in the control of a few Bankster Families and their cronies.
The human family must finally opt for a Monetary System which is for the benefit of Humanity; the Productive People:
Fair, Equitable, Incorruptible, Sustainable and Stable.
✘See Footnote: d

Fiat currency can be printed to fund Wars, bribe and rig elections, buy off Politicians, has its demise innately pre-programmed in the form of an ever increasing need for extra currency to pay for interest and is easily manipulated and perverted in various forms!

Gold represents Peace, Prosperity and Liberty!

Commonly raised Objections to a Gold Standard or Gold as Money
  • It doesn’t make sense to expend energy to mine Gold and then bury it again, merely storing in Vaults.
    Does it make any more sense to maintain a gigantic, parasitic Financial Sector which has turned the present Fiat Currency system into a rigged casino where they can criminally plunder trillions from productive people with complete impunity?
    Then equally does it make sense to pay enormous sums to eleven guys to run after one ball so millions can shout themselves hoarse and if their team looses go out into the streets and vandalise?
    Golden Object of beauty

    Or pay a bunch of actors to pretend to be someone else and having them filmed so people can loose themselves for an hour and a half in this fantasy?
    None of this feeds the masses or crates lasting, tangible values. To the contrary, the bloated, parasitic financial industry is criminally leeching and plundering disproportionate amounts of wealth from the productive sector, wealth which could be used to maintain economic activity and fund socially beneficial projects. Instead, the looted wealth goes to a 0.00000001% few very wealthy individuals who then buy off the system and thus cement their power over humanity.
    In fact the mining industry is engaged in the creation of the oldest form of Money, a truly time honoured, noble industry.
    Alternatively you could have geeks sitting in front of a pc ‘mining’ electronic currency, the preserve of a precious few.
  • Gold is deflationary. Gold is inflationary.
    Graph: Inflation under the Gold Standard and under Fiat printed to infinity!
    Inflation under Gold
    versus Fiat

    These claims hardly need debunking as clearly they are mutually contradictory and are not based in fact; you can’t have it both ways. And would anyone argue that the Fed has done a marvellous job in maintaining price stability or purchasing power of the Dollar?
  • There is not enough Gold
    The purchasing power of the Gold will automatically adjust to the amount of Gold in circulation; it will be the free market which determines its Value.
  • Countries like South Africa, China and Russia have huge Gold deposits giving them an unfair advantage.
    This misrepresents or misunderstands the mining of Gold. Mining Gold is equal to manufacturing goods that people want and for which they are willing to part with their ‘stored hard work’ in the form of Money.
    It is creating something of value other people want!
  • Gold can easily be manipulated.
    How so? Can it be printed out of thin air and then charge interest on this Confetti? In any case we’re talking about Gold as Money, owned by the individual people, mined by expending capital investments and hard graft!
  • There needs to be elasticity in the supply of Currency to fund new projects and control the economic cycles.
    The Fed's handiwork; since its inception
    the US Dollar has lost 98% of its value -
    well done Fed!

    Well, the Fed was charged with these tasks and evidently their success rate is absolute zero – in fact, it is much worse than at any other period in financial history. Having ‘elasticity’ means manipulation, it means market interference, it means printing Currency which means interest requirements, which means more printing. It’s like being a little pregnant or a little dead; if you start artificially manipulating the supply of money you’re totally in Fiat territory and all its associated flaws, horrors and crimes.

Banksters and the Rothschild clan have accumulated vast amounts of gold and therefore will continue to gratuitously exert power over Governments all round the globe.


Banksters were rewarded with bailout money from Tax Payers so they could pay themselves billion Dollar Bonuses and rape and plunder another day instead of facing bankruptcy and jail.
More than just a few people would like to see Banksters face justice for their Crimes against Humanity, not least of all the victims of heir crimes who lost trillions of their hard earned wealth to these criminals! But the crimes have never stopped!

Firstly of course Central Banks are superfluous and will be eliminated.
Secondly, Fractional Reserve Lending will not be possible under Gold as Money.
Thirdly, the crimes, treason and corruption of the Financial Elites is of such gigantic magnitude that Nuremberg style trials need to be held to hold these criminals to account.
Nuremberg justice

And anyone found to have acquired wealth and power through illegal, criminal means will have their wealth forfeited and be stripped of their status or position.
If for instance it is proven that the Rothschild clan acquired their vast wealth by means of advocating and financing wars they must be relieved of this wealth acquired by such nefarious means.
Equally, if it is proven that any Congressman has taken bribes or has been financed or influenced by monetary inducement, he must be punished and stripped of his position.
What is the guess that such a procedure would net trillions upon trillions of criminally acquired wealth being forfeited and the entire Congress, including the stooge in the WH being removed from their illegally obtained power?


✘Footnote: a
To illustrate the importance Gold played during WWI, the UK went as far as to virtually requisition all the Gold produced in what was once their Empire, or now Commonwealth. An Agreement was ‘negotiated’ with South Africa, a newly independent country of 4 years, what is known as the ‘August Agreement’ in which the BoE offered South African Miners to pay £3:17:9/ounce for all the Gold they could produce, and even advance 97% before the Gold had arrived in the UK.
In all well over 1,000 tons was produced during the years of the war to aid the war effort and as payment for armaments from the US.

✘Footnote: b
Regardless of the pretence, the Vietnam war was fought for the very same reasons as every other war in modern history; small communist countries in the Far East did of course not threaten the US, militarily or in any other way, the reason was and has always been ‘economic’. Communist countries naturally left the international banking cartel’s network of privately owned Central Banks and issued their own public, interest free currency. They also stopped foreign ownership of means of production and nationalised banks. This prevented the WS/City club of banksters from exploiting these countries, and to avert this from happening wars were fought in Vietnam, Korea etc.

✘Footnote: c
There have been suggestions and attempts by the Oligarchy in power to implement a purely electronic financial system and even have every citizen implanted with a chip storing his/her entire financial record, giving the authorities the power to completely control anyone they deem undesirable or an enemy of their regime. Aaron Russo on the Elite and their diabolical plans
With the stroke of a keyboard they could completely eliminate anyone's ability to transact and buy necessities to live.

The curious notion that Governments and their exclusive power to ‘Govern and Rule over People’ are somehow a natural state of affairs has been inculcated into the Zombie Populous for the very reason that this gratuitous power should go unchallenged ad infinitum for the Fascist Oligarchy who usurped this power long ago and are the sole beneficiaries thereof.

Here again will Gold play its role as guarantor and facilitator of Liberties and Citizen's Rights!

Why we need Direct Democracy, the bane of the Oligarchy ruling the planet with the stolen wealth from productive people; i.e. you!

Direct Democracy is the only form of government where the people have their final say in all important matters of state and are in control of their lives; would anyone educated and informed have it any other way?
Not perfect, but the best system there is and the Oligarchy in power fears this as much as they loath Gold, for the same reasons; it threatens their unfettered power and means to plunder productive people.
Unless you prefer to be ruled by Zionazi Fascist Oligarchs whose only purpose is to enrich themselves and grab ever more power over the Zombie populous, to exploit, control and subvert their minds so their crimes can continue with total impunity as is presently the case.

✘Footnote: d
Fiat Currency with its associated Fractional Reserve Lending requires an ever increasing amount of growth to generate the interest needed to pay for the newly crated Confetti Currency and its Interest on this and so on.
It is a Ponzi scheme with its demise innately pre-programmed, it’s the mentality of a cancer cell; growth for growth’s sake. And as with cancer, the Fiat Currency System is entirely parasitic, will completely invade, take over and kill its host. And we’re in the end stages of this process right now.
We live in a finite world with finite resources, from land, to water, air, to the environment per se, to everything Humanity needs to live and survive.
A system which requires exponential growth is a toxic system to its host, and that’s beside its criminal underpinnings!

♦ Gaddafi's Litany of Sins against the Zionist Rulers of this Planet:
  • Gaddafi intended to transfer his billions in deposited European banks to Chinese Banks.
  • He decided to stop buying French Rafaele jet fighters but instead use the funds to look after his people and invest it in Social Services programmes.
  • And of course his biggest sin of them all was to challenge the Oligarchy's very own, privately owned Fiat Currency Crime Racket, the US$ and € by proposing a pan African Gold Dinar!
    This was the tipping point, as with Saddam for switching to the € after 10 years of unilateral US imposed sanctions and 2 million deaths they caused, as with Iran who had equally unilateral, criminal US sanctions slapped on for the very same reason, Gaddafi wasn't going to undermine the Oligarchy's controlled Fiat Currency Crime Racket with a much more attractive, Gold backed alternative which would have prevented them from exploiting the African Continent to the same extent as they had hitherto!
    Gaddafi’s plans for the pan African Currency were well advanced, and in order to thwart the implementation thereof, Obama immediately froze the publicly owned Libyan Central Bank’s $30bn he could touch.
    Gaddafi had planned to use these funds for the establishment of an independent African Investment Bank, an African Monetary Fund and an independent African Central Bank!
    Of course this was touted in the Zionist owned and controlled MSM as freezing Gaddafi’s stolen hoards of cash, of which there were absolutely none!
  • Libya had a hoard of 144 tons of Gold, which would be used to back this competing Gold backed Dinar.
    (This Gold was immediately stolen and has never been seen since!)
  • Gaddafi had developed Africa’s last giant Aquifer and used it to feed his people.
    (This irrigation system was under merciless attack by the Zionist controlled NATO forces, as was the factory manufacturing the pipes so it couldn’t be repaired in a hurry!)
    French Companies Suez SA and Veolia sought to own the Water from the Nubian Aquifer and profit from it in various ways by the billions.
  • Libya controlled the issuance of its own currency via the State owned Central Bank of Libya, CBL.
    It was under the control of ‘The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, which was Gaddafi’s great achievement for social justice and unprecedented prosperity for Libyans.
    This left the US$ and € out in the cold as the WS Vulture Capitalists couldn’t profit, control and exploit Libya at will as they can in all other jurisdictions where there is a privately owned CB and which is also a member of the BIS.
    (The hired ragtag Wahhabi ‘Rebels’, educated in butchery, beheadings, child rape and the trading of sex slaves immediately instituted a new privately owned Libyan Central Bank, well before Gaddafi was completely removed from power! Some 'Rebel' mob this!)
  • In 2009 Gaddafi suggested to the General People’s Congresses that Libya should nationalise the Oil and Gas industry so the Libyan people could directly benefit from the $30bn revenue the industry generated.
  • Gaddafi was leading the charge in a law suit against the European Colonial Powers in the order of 7 Trillion for damages from broken treaties during the colonial era.
  • French oil major Total wanted more of Libya's sweet high grade oil as it was losing out to ENI the Italian oil company, largely thanks to Silvio Berlusconi being very friendly with, and a secret fan of Gaddafi, but then betrayed him by letting Nato use his air bases to bomb Libya back to the stone age..
    Ever wondered why Silvio Berlusconi was so vilified and reviled by the Zionist controlled press and the puppet politicians?

◆The War on Gold

As is abundantly evident, the Banksters hate Gold as a component of the monetary system, but nevertheless conspire to hoard it and profiteer from it at the expense of the productive people.
Gold, as part of the monetary system, is the Banksters’ number one nemesis as it constrains their ability to print and profiteer, and they have long sworn to destroy it as a monetary asset, while profiteering from it. The Banksters have literally declared war on Gold; to excise this 5,000 year old Money of the People from the system with every available means, and that includes every criminal plot they can muster.

It started with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act which allowed for a coverage of only 40% of the US$ Monetary Base.
Then the 1933 confiscation of the productive people’s gold, an act of unprecedented insidious tyranny, while leaving the parasitic banksters to keep their ‘hoards of gold’ overseas, was the callously pre-calculated step number two.

Then after Bretton Woods the US ran the London Gold Pool from 1961 to 1968; a cabal of 8 countries led by the US and 7 European Central Banks, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK, while the US supplied 50% of the Precious Metal to suppress the price to the pegged $35.20/ounce agreed on at Bretton Woods.
US official Gold Holdings

However this proved a monumental task as the US was running huge trade and budget deficits, mostly due to the Vietnam war, and started to print enormous amounts of Dollars, not backed by Gold, which engendered a Gold bull market of massive proportions and prompted European countries to redeem their paper $ for the Gold they were assured under the BW Agreement. This caused the London Gold Pool to collapse in 1968, but only after the US lost some 12,000 tons, from just over 20,000 tons down to a little over 8,000 tons. And that's how hugely important the suppression and destruction of Gold as a monetary asset is to the Banksters!

Then after the ‘Nixon Shock’ Gold was sporadically sold at auction to further suppress the price.
Then Gold commenced to be traded on the Comex Exchange in 1975, and thus began the paper trading of Futures, which allowed the Banksters to use ‘Naked Shorts’ to suppress the price of Gold, manipulate the market and make huge profits at the expense of all other market participants, i.e. the productive people.
Futures markets are the manipulation in itself, so the Banksters love these markets as it allows them to rig and profiteer on a gigantic scale!


Cables released by Wikileaks discussing the implementation of the Gold Futures Market in 1975 reveal that the intent was from the outset to create volatility in the price to discourage private citizens to hold and protect themselves with Gold.
It also reveals the intent and facilitation of price suppression while affording the price riggers unprecedented profits while pursuing their criminal activities on behest of the bankster oligarchy waging their covert war against the productive people’s money; gold!

Under Clinton’s Rubin/Summers/Greenspan gang the Gold in Fort Knox has evidently all been stolen, leased, sold or otherwise misappropriated.
At the same time some 1.3 to 1.5 million tungsten blanks of 400 ounce London good delivery bar, LGDB, were manufactured and of those 600,000 were gold plated and shipped to Fort Knox to replace the stolen Gold. There is apparently a trail of Waybill documentation which would prove this scenario, and the Chinese discovered some of these fake Tungsten bars in a shipment, which traced back to the US according to the serial numbers of these bars.
The rest of the blanks is said to have also been gold plated and either sold, or waiting to be used in some way to discredit and destroy the gold market.
The Chinese re-refine their gold to 99.99 and cast it into 1kg bars so they’re certain not to be duped.

The IMF has also conspired to destroy Gold as a monetary asset and introduced the Special Drawing Rights, SDR, to replace Gold as the anchor to the financial system and as a 'reserve'.
Who are the biggest Mugs, i.e. victims
of Banksters' machinations?

Of course SDRs are just another Fiat Currency infinitely printable to suit the Banksters's ploys and to save the system from collapse by inflating and bailing out bankrupt countries.
The IMF also forbids member countries, under their articles of association, from backing their currencies with Gold as part of their (un)declared war on Gold.
In 1992 Switzerland was maneuvered into joining the truly vile IMF with the enthusiastic support of the Swiss banksters, and there are very 'good' (bad) reasons for this. This fatal move was, as always, sold with spurious 'heart warming' and conscience appealing lies; the IMF were an institution which was in the business of 'Development Aid' and in support of poor Third World countries, while nothing could be further from the ugly truth!
In fact the exact opposite is the reality, the IMF is designed to rape and plunder these already poor nations, and every nation foolish enough to indebt itself to this Vulture Capital Fund of the WS Banksters!

The Banksters running the IMF clearly want all countries to be under their control and party to the Fiat Currency Crime Racket, with which Banksters are free to print as much currency as the market can take, to enrich themselves on this fake confetti 'money' conjured up out of nothing, and thus enslave the productive people in debt!
The IMF's rule forced gold out of the Swiss monetary system and it became another ploy of the Banksters to dump this vital asset onto the market to further depress and destroy it. The Government, taking advice from the banksters, moved to dispose of much of its Gold accumulated over many centuries, in another ploy sold with the same spurious lies and conscience appealing ruse of creating a 'Solitary Fund'!

Needles to say that the Swiss Banksters were enthusiastically in support of this Franc destruction move.

This opened the door for the Banksters from the Swiss National Bank, SNB, to hock off the Swiss people's Gold, and right at the bottom of the market!

Gold has been systematically suppressed for many decades by the Banksters, but in a truly bizarre twist of conniving and treachery, 15 of WS’ top Banksters met in early April 2013 at the WH, just hours before the most concerted and ferocious attack on Gold and Silver, revealing complicity and collusion at the highest level in this suppression crime.
Banksters had gotten themselves into a very tight spot and were just hours away from defaulting in their Fractional Gold Market racket, where every single ounce has at least one hundred claims to it.
Gold is considered fair game by the Banksters who have literally stolen tens of thousands of tons of customers' Gold, pooled and allocated Gold, private clients' and sovereign customers' Gold, and sold it to gamble with the proceeds or to park it with the Fed and earn interest on it and to show up as reserves on their books!
Comex data now shows hat this fractional gold racket has at least 500 claims on every ounce of gold.
So the banksters are free to suppress and smash Gold at will with the connivance and under the protection of the highest 'authorities', and with the CFTC turning two blind eyes!

So vital is their war on Gold deemed by the criminal banksters that the entire matrix from WS, the Fed, BoE, USG-ESF, Comex, LBMA and BIS are engaged in the surreptitious Gold suppression/destruction crime against the productive people.
Artist impression of the NY
Fed's empty Gold Vault.

The NY Fed is custodian of the Sovereign Gold stored in the US and many countries have entrusted their Gold with that criminal entity.
Germany has some 1,530 tons of its 3,396 tons of Gold 'stored' there but when a delegation arrived to inspect their own Gold they were fobbed off with the most puerile and insulting excuses not even a 5 year old delinquent brat would dare to pull, while the delegation was shown a 'representative' Bar!

Of course all the Gold has been stolen and sold 500 times over, and that's why these criminals suppress the price, since they can never replace it as the market is extremely tight and would be in the order of many, many multiples higher than the artificially low, suppressed price of today.
Many other countries have their Gold naïvely entrusted with this criminal corporation in NY and only the Dutch were granted their 122.5 tons of Gold back in one fell swoop in November 2014!
Why, one might ask, did the Dutch get their Gold back where the Germans ware flatly refused?
Well, one has only to look at the big picture and think of MH17 shot down over the Ukraine and the involvement of the USG at the highest level, the Dutch connivance in many aspects of this atrocity and keeping all findings of the faux 'inquiry' a secret!

But where did they quickly get get that much Gold from when the markets are extremely tight?
  • There is Gaddafi's 144 tons stolen from the Libyan people by the US during their heinous crime against this peaceful country in 2011, but that's long since been sold hundreds of times over.
  • Or the Ukraine's 44 tons stolen in a midnight raid by the US during their mayhem and country destruction in 2014, but that wouldn't go far enough and has also immediately been sold to cover their Naked Shorting Crime Racket at the Comex.
  • Or the 45 tons Venezuela was forced to lease out in exchange for fiat currency after the US' all out assault on their currency, economy and oil price destruction against that country, Iran and Russia!
  • Or the well in excess of 50,000 tons stolen by the Bankster matrix (WS, Fed, CBs, BIS, USG-ESF) of everyone's Gold, Sovereign and Private, stored at the NY Fed, Banksters' vaults at WS, London, Zurich/Bern, Paris, Frankfurt etc.!
    But import/export data shows that there is a massive flow of Gold from London, Zurich, Paris and New York into Switzerland where it gets re-refined and recast into 99.99% 1kg bars and then out again into Hong Kong and Shanghai; in all accounting for all of these tens of thousands of tons and more!
  • Or was it some of the 1.5 million Gold plated tungsten bars manufactured by the Jewish Greenpsan/Rubin/Summers gang's reign of terror?
  • Or some of the 170 tons hurriedly removed just hours prior to the 9/11 attack by US military personnel from under the twin towers?
  • Or some of the 10,000 tons stolen by the US in Iraq, which in turn was mostly Gold stolen by them from Kuwait?
    (Has this Gold ever been returned to Kuwait, or has it been stolen just like all the other Gold of every other sovereign nation?)
  • Or is there still some of the hundreds of thousands of tons of Gold around the Japanese looted from across Asia in the early parts of the 20th century which they stored in the Philippines and then was stolen by the Yanks when they conquered the Philippines?
  • Or some of the Gold hoard amassed by US puppet, former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh?
  • Or any of the tens of thousands of tons of Gold amassed by any of the many US puppets installed over the decades who looted their countries and stored it in Gold parked in London and NY for 'safekeeping' and then stolen by the US Banksters?

If all these surreptitious crimes, theft, Gold Swaps, re-re-re-hypothecation, 500 fold fractional Gold sales, underhand leases etc weren't enough, what's even more galling is that this overt and brazen rigging and suppression crime is patently used to 're-capitalise' the criminal, parasitic and bankrupt Banksters, at the expense of the other market participants, i.e. the productive people!
This after their fraud and crimes against the productive people got them into this situation in the first place, being caught out by market reality! But the parasitic banksters have full control over government and 'regulators' so they're free to rape and plunder with complete impunity!

To put the Banksters' war on Gold into the proper perspective, consider that Gold is the productive people's choice of money and are globally lining up to protect their hard earned wealth by storing it in Gold.
The parasitic Banksters' war on Gold is simply a vile attempt to save their gigantic, private, criminal Fiat Currency Crime Racket, with which these parasites can literally rape and plunder humanity's wealth by the trillions by enslaving everyone into debt to themselves with their confetti currency and with fraud and crimes of every description.

It is also the deliberate destruction of a world wide industry in the business of mining the people's choice of Money: Gold and Silver!
The permanent suppression of prices to far below the true all up costs of mining these precious metals is an attempt to destroy the mining industry and trillions of productive people's wealth invested in this nobel industry.

In that it constitutes the biggest crime against humanity, since Gold as Money would end the Debt Slavery and Bankster Oligarchy's rule of exploitation, wars, tyranny, death and destruction!

This bankster war on Gold concerns every human being on the planet, as it is, by proxy, a war on them, the productive people, for whom the choice has always been Gold to store, preserve and safeguard their hard earned wealth.
Gold is always owned by the person in possession of it at any given time, and can't be forged and multiplied as the banksters' private fiat currency which is being printed by the Trillions.

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