The dummy’s guide to false flag terrorism!

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The dummy’s guide to false flag terrorism!

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The 101 to successful Government sponsored Terrorism!

Learn from the professionals with the most experience; the US has been in business since 1776, they are the real pros in the government sponsored terrorism business. Some late comers like Israel and also France and the UK are catching up very fast and have been very successful in their own right, albeit with the kind and professional assistance of Mossad and the CIA.
Israel in particular has shown the way in False Flag Terrorism, even before, and then since its sorry inception in 1947!

Take for instance London 7/7 bombings or the recent Paris Attacks which have successfully been executed and used to implement more stringent Laws, and to justify ever more intrusive spying on the populace and curtailing every conceivable freedom we used to take for granted.

They literally implemented a totalitarian state on the back of these false flag Terrorist Attacks, and the populace is none the wiser!
To be this successful such false flag attacks must have the following components:
  1. There must be highly visible Patsy's which can be blamed for the attack and they must be killed at all cost, or they will spill the beans!
    Such unfortunate stooges are usually entrapped and strung along by undercover operatives who infiltrate groups of like-minded bent and often they are recruited via Facebook or other social media.
    They’re usually given blank ammo and fake explosives which won’t go more bang than a wet squib.
  2. To really confuse the public and particularly security personnel, and for additional cover generally, simultaneous ‘Security Exercises’ must be conducted at the very same time and of the exact same nature as the planned False Flag Attack.

    Such simultaneous Cover-Exercises have been conducted in the following instances:
    (Video) French Media Grilled over simultaneous drills
    Sorry, now censored by YT!

    • 9/11
    • 7/7 London Underground bombing
    • Boston bombing
    • MH370 'disappearance'
    • MH17 shoot down
    • Germanwings 9525 'crash'
    • Russian Metrojet flight 9268
    • Paris Attacks 13/11/15
    • Las Vegas Shooting; FEMA/DHS 'Capstone Exercise'
    • EgyptAir Flight MS804: NATO's Phoenix Express Naval Exercises, May 17 - 27 2016
    - yet there might be many more!
  3. They are all of a parallel nature; carried out by two teams of
    1) strung along patsies who either think they're in an exercise or they are doing the attack and
    2) the Secret Services Pros who carry out the real attack!

    The real attack is carried out by the professionals from the relevant Secret Services who are not visible, or supposed to be invisible and use the mayhem, confusion and their appearance as either security personnel or innocent bystanders as cover to perpetrate the actual False Flag Attack of the same nature as the patsies think they are carrying out, and which the Security Teams are simultaneously practicing to prevent, or be ready for, if they do occur!
  4. The patsies must be clearly identifiable. They either conveniently leave a Passport or some easily identifiable ID at the crime scene, and/or they shout out happily things like “This is for Syria” or “We’re from ISIS” or other such, for the dumbed down sheeples, easily digestible Catch Cries!

    Thus we have the birth of the indestructible Passports which survive fireballs and impacts which destroy whole planes leaving absolutely nothing of the plane, passengers or luggage – except the Patsy’s Passport that is!
    Think of the Passport of Satam Al Suqami which was conveniently found a few blocks away from the Twin Towers virtually unsinged and clearly identifiable as belonging to one of the ‘Hijackers’!
    Since that magical appearance of the indestructible passport, follow up patsies have all, in one form or other, made sure they’re easily identifiable as Muslims, Arabs or Middle Eastern Terrorists!
  5. To confuse everyone even more, often there is a mix of Crisis Actors employed full of special FX blood amidst the real victims bleeding to death.

    It appears that all these 'terrorist events' are staged by the same team which flies from location to location with everything they need onboard. No one will ever step outside and spill the beans as this would certainly spell the immediate end to his/her sordid life!

    Then the video footage is always so blurry and fleeting that it is difficult to determine location, actual events or identities.
    Most of the video footage which mysteriously 'emerges' is pre-shot in staged rehearsals for the actual 'terrorist' event.

All these points taken together, all at once, well stirred and mixed up, is the recipe for a successful FFOp carried out by your friendly, indignant and outraged Government over all these horrendous, callous and evil attacks on innocent civilians!

It is the parallel nature of the operations, Patsies and Pros carrying out the same attack simultaneously, which has everyone confused; from the public, led by the confused press, (although they are co-opted and scripted into the FFOp anyway, but just to make sure that there are no traitors, they are made to be confused anyway), which in turn is led by the confused Secret Services, that’s the section which is not party or privy to the Plot and have no knowledge of the involvement of their very own pals in the CIA, MI6, DGSE and Mossad/Shin Bet (there is no fear that any Mossad would ever defect and spill the beans).

9/11 is a classic example of this where there were plenty of ‘alerts’ passed from one Secret Service to another about the terrorists (patsies) planning an attack.
It went as far as to the WH and Bush who of course knew the whole setup and ‘ignored the warning’!
  • “Who could have ever imagined that Terrorists would use planes as weapons and fly them into buildings.”

Well, the simultaneous exercises were exactly about such scenarios and were previously practised, but with a co-opted press you can say anything, no matter how patently false or inane, the Zionist bullhorn MSM won’t hold politician's feet to the fire over their lies and verbal diarrhoea.

So looking at the Terrorist attacks in light of all this, it is easily discernible that all the recent attacks, since the early 1950s at least, were all Government sponsored attacks and that there are really no Muslim Terrorists who act out of their own initiative other than the Wahhabi ones goaded and entrapped by the Secret Services.

Over recent decades the Saudis have become big players in this field and muscled in big time into the hitherto exclusive preserve of the Zionist Axis of DC - Tel Aviv – London – Paris and become integral part of it.
They’ve been funding mosques across the globe to spread their perverted version of ‘Islam’ and have created a huge army of brainwashed Jihadis which have heeded the call and joined ISIS' fight against the ‘Infidels'.
These Wahhabi-Takfiri-Salafi brain-dead automatons are an easy tool for the Zionist Axis and have been so successful in their Jihad against the Infidels, which is anyone not adhering to their deranged brand of Saudi Wahhbism, they literally overran two countries and established a new Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.
Of course they receive tens of Billions of funding, arms, training, intelligence, supplies and commanders from CIA/MI6/Mossad/GIP and one can guess the DGSE.
They are now very easy recruits for FFOps and can easily be goaded into any kind of outrage and atrocity.

Remember how Saudi Arabia quickly offered to fund Mosques in Germany and across Europe but declined to take any refugees, which have been flooding into Europe by the millions.
The Saudis are clearly on a mission with their funding of their terrorist breeding cells called Mosques/Madrassas.
They won't stop until the whole planet is overrun by their Wahhabi Jihadis and the globe has become their Caliphate - unless they are stopped, by Russia or by (self-inflicted) economic constraints!

So next time there is an outrage perpetrated by - 'Arab Muslims' of course, first look at this list, think your Government, Mossad/CIA et al, think Wahhabi, think Israel and look for clues which make it clearly a FFOp by your trustworthy, protective Government!
  • 19 April 1995
    The Oklahoma Bombing which caused the death of 168 innocent people was a classic parallel operation, so much so that patsy Timothy McVeigh didn't even realise that it wasn't him who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building with his fertiliser truck bomb, but was in fact blown up, by all accounts, by the CIA from within, as suppressed forensic evidence clearly showed.
    The report by US Air Force munitions expert, General Partin stated that beyond any reasonable doubt the building was blown up from within, but Congress, the Media and the Judiciary all completely ignored it as it would have implicated the USG itself, and its agency the CIA, for this heinous atrocity!
    What this furthermore shows is the complete debauchery and corruption of the entire Oligarchy in power, which, when presented with the stark, indisputable facts, will nevertheless proceed to sneer and affront the bearers of truth, close ranks and provide cover for their system of tyranny over the people.

    The targeted Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building housed the offices where Fannie Mae kept its records.
    It was these records which were targeted by a group of conspirators at the highest level who were implicated in the systematic theft of billions, possibly trillions as figures of up to $1.5tn are mentioned, from USG Mortgage Lender Fannie Mae.
    YT Video
    Deep State Black Ops, Oklahoma, 911 & False Flag Terrorism!

    The conspirators named behind this brazen, audacious heist are none other than the Presidents of the USA, GH Bush and WJ Clinton; the US’, premiere crime families.

    Information obtained under the FOIA shows that Clinton’s then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder personally authorized the supply of explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Although they did not plant these explosives inside the building themselves, this was handled by the Langley boys loyal to DS Op Bush Snr., who was also part of the Kennedy assassination in 1963!

    This crime was part of an ongoing operation called PATCON, Patriot Conspiracy, which was also behind the Waco and Ruby Ridge massacres; it is classic entrapment of patsies to achieve an aim like the destruction of records showing the culpability of trillion dollar theft by US presidents and their cronies!

    Another classic case of this nature was the destruction of the Audit Offices at the Pentagon on 11 September 2001, where no plane hit the building, but where the offices were also blown up from inside!
    Here the money trail would lead straight to the illegal squatter colony on Palestinian Land and at the time was famously put at $2.3 Trillion by Donald Rumsfeld, one day before 9/11, but this figure now has grown into possibly over $21 Trillion.
  • 2001 9/11 Twin Tower Attack
    This was the mother of all False Flag Operations, carried out by insiders in the USG with the aid of Mossad. There remains not a single shred of doubt about who perpetrated this atrocity.
    It was also a classic parallel operation, where the patsies were strung along in the belief that they were going to commit some act of terrorism, while some never even made it to the planes which took off but were all diverted to a military base where the passengers were loaded onto one single plane which then was blown up over the hills of Pennsylvania, while the real terrorist attack was carried out by remote controlled drones.
    This is not the official fake 'plane crash site' in Pennsylvania where no plane ever crashed, but further up in the hills where the real crash took place.
    The most callous, cold blooded murder there ever was!
  • 2002 Bali Bombing
    Jemaah Islamiah was blamed for this bombing but evidence proves that it could not have been any grassroots terrorist grouping acting on their own as the real explosive device used was a micro nuke, the kind Israel developed and has used in the 9/11 attacks and elsewhere.
    Even former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid questions the official version and says that he suspects official involvement.
    In fact Umar Abduh, who is a former undercover agent says that he helped set up Jemaah Islamiah and “There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by (Indonesian) intelligence”
  • 2004 Madrid Train Bombing
    Even the Spanish MSM press now questions the official version which makes no sense at all. First it was blamed on ETA then some undefined Muslim terrorist grouping and AQ.
    As in all such cases the alleged perpetrators have absolutely nothing to gain from terrorism but everything to lose from sympathy to legitimacy to being caught and incarcerated for very lengthy spells.
  • 2005 7/7 London Underground Bombing
    Clearly a joint operation between MI6 and Mossad as has been revealed by several insiders. A careful investigation here!
  • 15 April 2013 Boston Bombing
    Entrapment/Patsy FFOp
  • 7 January 2015 Charlie Hebdo Shooting
    False flag
  • 13 November 2015 Paris Attacks
    False Flag
  • 2 Dec. 2015 San Bernardino Shooting
    Clearly another FFOp carried out by undercover CIA mercenaries.
  • The Nice and Berlin Truck Attacks bear all the same hallmarks of secret services orchestrated False Flag Operations to the point that it is laughable and entirely predictable how this all will pan out:
    An ID is inevitably found at the scene and the 'perpetrator' is invariably killed in very dubious circumstances, there is never a pressing need to shoot and kill, but of course they don't want their patsies to sing and expose the plot, so killed they always are!

False Flag Terrorism; if it were really Arabs and/or Muslims or any other foreign groupings intent on harming Western Nations 'for their Freedoms' they'd say:
"We're not going to be intimidated and destroy our Freedoms just because of their blind hatred for us, otherwise they would win!"

But the evidence is that the Powers That Be use these FFOps for exactly these purposes, to destroy our freedoms, and thus prove that they are behind these attacks.
Why is it a phenomenon that afflicts mostly the US, Canada, the UK, France and other European countries?
That's the countries where the Zionist World Order, ZWO, has total control over Governments and also all Secret Services; they are their means of total control over their puppet politicians; what was Israeli Mossad Agent Jeffery Epstein's operation all about: entrapment of his elite patsies with video taped Paedophilia and Child-Sacrifices, the worst kind of crimes anyone could ever commit.
But this has been their modus operandi for millennia!

Former French FM Roland Dumas stated that:
  • "The Israelis are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them!"

It is clear that these same powers have total control over the entire USG and every Department including the Secret Services as well as those of the entire ZWO!

The Paris Attacks had very clear elements of a Professional Mossad hit, where, according to eyewitnesses, 'European looking, clean-shaven, burly muscle guys' pulled up in their black Mercedes and started shooting with complete detachment in a 'professional hit' style manner, while making sure that there were no witnesses filming them, shooting at windows and anything that moved in the vicinity!
Roland Dumas wasn't just bleating out out of 'Anti-Semitism', he surely knows what's going on and delivered a clear, yet guarded message!

So why all these FFOps? Why all this carnage and heinous attacks on innocent people? Qui bono?

Well, the ZWO needs a populace which has no rights, not freedoms, no ability to rebel, can easily be quashed and subdued at the least disturbance and can be stopped from disseminating the truth and thus outing the Government’s involvement in just such atrocities.

Then of course the 'NWO' is conducted from their Zionist HQs in the City, WS and Tel Aviv via their clout over the Financial Sector, i.e. the Fed. WS, the Treasury/ESF and CBs across the Western Hemisphere and most of all the Think Tanks like AIPAC, CFR, Atlantic Council, Brookings Institute and a myriad of lobby groups who literally write policy, laws and dictate to the WH, the Pentagon, Langley/CIA, the NSA, all the Security Organs and every Department of the USG.

The Military Industrial Complex, MIC, in the US is the most powerful lobbying group with the most financial clout and the one who benefits the most from all the wars, death and destruction.
In fact, War is their business, and all these wars have two common denominators; they enrich the wealthy behind the Arms Industry and they are part of the Zionists' strategy of expansion in the Middle East, all over the corpses of millions of innocent victims and the destruction of hundreds of millions of lives for these twin scourges!
Their interests not only converge perfectly, they mostly are one and the same Zionists behind the real Power-brokers who control the USG via their front Think Tanks: the Military Industrial Complex, WS, the Fed, City Banksters, and also Israel!
The funds extended to Israel in the form of 'military assistance' is nothing more than a merry go round funded by the US Taxpayer so Israel can, and must, purchase arms from the MIC with these grants.

Wars have been spawned out of these FFOps like 9/11 in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, and many more such theatres of Death and Destruction.

The ultimate beneficiaries are the Powers who control Israel, the Military Industrial Complex, Oil Conglomerates and the Mega Banksters!

Governments would never attack their own citizens and murder thousands and go to war over concocted lies and deceit, would they?
They wouldn't if they were left alone but they have all been bought off and turned into the most despicable harlots serving the interests of these corporate vultures and terrorists.
Money corrupts and lots of money buys even the most 'principled' politician: Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Blair, Bush, Clinton et al, are all proof that they never serve the interests of the public but those of their paymasters!

♦ Operation Gladio

If all this is not enough to convince doubters that Governments are behind all and every terrorist grouping, at least to some degree, and all these horrific terrorist attacks, there is Operation Gladio, which is not just an open secret, but has been widely debated in parliaments across Europe and condemned by all and sundry who are familiar with its diabolical atrocities perpetrated by the US Government, UK Government, NATO and their Secret Services like CIA, MI6, BND, Mossad and via their proxy terrorists and entrapped patsies.

Operation Gladio was conducted all across Europe, particularly in Italy to discredit leftist and communist parties.
The Red Brigades was part of the Operation Gladio and its leader was an asset of the CIA.

The Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was not as ‘lucky’ as Gough Whitlam who only lost his job as Australian PM, Aldo Moro was assassinated by the US, because he negotiated with the communists who won big in recent elections and then for fear that he would reveal ‘State Secrets’, while in captivity by their proxy terrorists, the Red Brigades.
He was kidnapped on his way to Parliament on the 16 of March 1978 to vote on the inclusion of the Communist Party who, with a huge 25% mandate from the electorate, could not be ignored.
This was a ‘mortal sin’ the arbiter of everything, the US, could not tolerate and thus he was murdered; his body was found riddled with bullets in the back of a car on the 9 of May 1978.
During the kidnapping his five bodyguards were killed, yet all founding members of the Red Brigade were in jail at the time, but the US terrorist network has seemingly unlimited supply of undercover ops to carry out its terrorism and assassinations.
Henry Kissinger directly threatened Aldo Moro when he told him on a visit to the US:
  • “You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration, or you will pay dearly for it.”

The scope of Operation Gladio is enormous and includes assassinations, terrorism, coups and subversion of every kind:
  • 1940
    Winston Churchill creates Special Operations Executive (SOE) to carry out subversive operations in enemy held territory.
    After WWII the Stay-Behind armies are created and merged with SOE.
  • 1948
    France creates "Western Union Clandestine Committee" (WUCC) to coordinate secret unorthodox warfare. It is then incorporated into NATO as “Clandestine Planning Committee” (CPC) after NATO was founded in 1949.
  • 1960
    Turkey military, in cahoots with secret armies stages a coup d’état and kill Prime Minister Adnan Menderes.
  • 1964
    Italy, Gladio stages a coup; General Giovanni de Lorenzo in Operation 'Piano Solo’ forces the Italian Socialist Ministers to leave the government.
  • 1966
    Charles de Gaulle decries the US’ terrorism across Europe and expels NATO’s HQ.
  • 1967
    Greece; Gladio’s Stay-Behind army ‘Hellenic Raiding Force’ takes control of the Greek Defence Ministry and stages a military coup, installing the right wing dictatorship of Georgios Papadopoulos.
  • 1969
    Mocambique: Portugese Gladio branch Aginter Press assassinates Eduardo Mondlane, President of the Mocambique liberation party and leader of the FRELIMO movement (Frente de Liberacao de Mocambique).
  • 1969
    Italy, Milan; Gladio stages the Piazza Fontana massacre; 16 killed, 80 wounded.
  • 1971
    Turkey; the military stages a coup d’état and takes over power. The stay-behind army ‘Counter-Guerrilla’ engages in domestic terror and kills hundreds.
  • 1972
    In Italy a bomb explodes in a car near the village Peteano killing three Carabinieri. The terror, first blamed on the left, is later traced back to right-wing terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra and the Italian stay-behind code named Gladio.
  • 1974
    Italy: A massacre during an anti-fascist demonstration in Brescia kills eight & injures and maims 102, while a bomb in the Rome to Munich train “Italicus Express”, kills 12 and injures and maims 48.
  • 1974
    In Italy General Vito Miceli, chief of the military secret service, is arrested on charges of subversive conspiracy against the state and reveals the NATO stay-behind secret army during trial.
  • 1977
    Turkey: The stay-behind army ‘Counter-Guerrilla’ attacks a demonstration of 500,000 in Istanbul by opening fire at the speaker's platform leaving thirty-eight killed and hundreds injured.
  • 1977
    Spain: The secret stay-behind army with support of Italian right-wing terrorists carries out the Atocha massacre in Madrid and in an attack on a lawyer's office closely linked to the Spanish Communist party kill five people.
  • 1978
    In Italy former Prime Minister and leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro, is taken hostage in Rome by an armed secret unit and killed 55 days later because he wanted to include the Italian Communists in the government.
  • 1980
    Italy: A bomb explodes in the waiting room of the second class at the Bologna railway station, killing 85 and seriously injuring and maiming a further 200. Investigators trace the crime back to right-wing terrorists.
  • 1980
    Turkey: The commander of the stay-behind army Counter-Guerrilla, General Kenan Evren, stages a military coup and seizes power.
  • 1981
    In Germany a large stay-behind arsenal is being discovered near the German village of Uelzen in the Lüneburger Heide. Right wing extremists are alleged to have used the arsenal in the previous year to carry out a massacre during the Munich October beer festival killing 13 and wounding 213
  • 1983
    In the Netherlands strollers in the forest discover a large arms cache near the Dutch village Velp and force the government to confirm that the arms were related to NATO planning for unorthodox warfare.
  • 1984
    In Turkey the stay-behind army Counter-Guerrilla fights against the Kurds and kills and tortures thousands in the following years.
  • 1984
    In Italy right-wing terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra in court reveals Operation Gladio and the involvement of NATO’s stay-behind army in acts of terrorism in Italy designed to discredit the communists. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 1985
    In Belgium a secret army attacks and shoots shoppers in supermarkets randomly in the Brabant county killing twenty-eight and leaving many wounded. Investigations link the terror to a conspiracy among the Belgian stay-behind SDRA8, the Belgian Gendarmerie SDRA6, the Belgian right-wing group Westland New Post, and the Pentagon secret service Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
    This is but a snapshot of the staggering array of atrocities, crimes against humanity, terrorism, coups, assassinations and mass-murder the USG in cahoots with European Governments and/or their Secret Services perpetrated against their own citizens and then blamed them on leftist patsies and Gaddafi et al!

The CIA/Operation Gladio used gangs like the Baader Meinhof Gang in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, ETA in Spain and the IRA in Northern Ireland to take the blame for many of the terrorist atrocities they perpetrated themselves to discredit these organisations and all leftist groups and their sympathisers.

Also Gaddafi was used to take the blame for some of their atrocities, claiming that he was arming, funding and directing all these ‘terrorist groups’.
The most high profile of these was Pan Am flight 103, which was a CIA inside job where one group of wide eyed CIA Ops discovered that another group was dealing in drugs and this enthusiastic rooky team was on board flight 103 back to Langley to report this travesty. The drug dealing faction made sure they never reached there with all the evidence in their baggage.
The evidence is incontrovertible, the bomb was planted during the London stopover in the international zone, smuggled and planted into luggage checked in at Frankfurt, an area not accessible to the Libyans or any ordinary would be terrorist, but only to well connected insiders like CIA and Mossad.

By all accounts Operation Gladio has never stopped and is continuing unabated under many different guises.

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