The need for real Democracy & a modern day Lysistrata

Setting the record straight; what REALLY happened.
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The need for real Democracy & a modern day Lysistrata

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Consensus facit legem

Representative Parliamentary 'democracy' is the biggest Fraud in History perpetrated on a gullible Population!

But it doesn't have to be this way forever; only Consent makes the Law!

Thus if productive humanity, supporting this parasitic System of Top-Down imposed Edicts should wake up to this monumental Fraud and withdraw its Consent, demand and implement Self-Rule, as there is a precedent in History, then humanity could free itself from the yoke imposed by a parasitic, moneyed Oligarchy ruling from the murky shadows behind a plethora of global and national Organisations i.e. UN, WHO, Governments etc, Think Tanks, mega Corporations and the Fiat Currency Crime Racket represented by WS, BIS, CBs, IMF, WB, WEF etc!

This entire Top-Down imposed control System has thus ZERO legitimacy if productive Humanity should rise up and voice its disapproval and clearly enunciate that Consent was never given to this parasitic, undemocratic, fascist and evidently tyrannical System of Control, Subjugation and Exploitation!

✘ So what's needed URGENTLY are Citizens Initiatives / Referenda to implement REAL DEMOCRACY where the Productive People make ALL the vital decisions over their own Lives‼

At the very least Parliamentarians discussing pressing issues must be Delegates, not career Polit-Hacks Representatives, i.e. Delegates which must constantly consult with their electorate, and which can be recalled at any time via a democratic process where the majority of the Electorate is demanding so.

Regardless, ALL decisions must be put to a Plebiscite; Productive People making all the decisions affecting their lives!

Terms of such Delegates must be limited to 2x3 years, not consecutive with a 12 year hiatus!

The internet allows all these processes to occur with ease, speed and transparency;

A hi-tech version of the Pnyx Assembly where Athenians determined their own fate some 2,400 years ago!

(For this to work the entire illegitimate, Top-Down imposed System must be expunged, the Fiat Currency Crime Racket be replaced with honest Money and the 100% lying MSM splintered into tens of thousands of independent News Organisations.
Then a truly free Internet must be guaranteed so Productive People can shape their views based on Facts, independent from special interest, lobbies and moneyed Oligarchy's brainwash lies and falsehoods!

The Greeks proverbially invented democracy, as the now hackneyed mantra goes.
And indeed their system of government was much more democratic and inclusive than most societies and states whose despotic rulers hitherto exerted their absolute power by means of force and ‘might is right’, a system we're very familiar with today; we've come full circle.

What today masquerades as ‘Democracy’ is in fact a Deep State Tyranny controlled by the moneyed Oligarchy which runs everything else from big Finance i.e. WS Banks, the Central Banks i.e. Fed, and all their instruments of control like the IMF, WB, BIS, the UN, WTO, even the ICC and of course the quasi pro forma Government and all its agencies.

Cleisthenes enabled the rise of Democracy, dēmokratia, i.e. Citizen Rule, which lasted, with interruptions, some 140 years from 462 BC to 322 BC, though the faint beginnings of this move towards true democracy trace back to as early as 594 BC under Solon!

The Athenians pursued their newfound Democracy with a passionate devotion and methodical rectitude and conscientiousness; taking care of every aspect of governance, voting, selection, terms of duty, fairness and putting measures in place to prevent fraud and corruption of the democratic processes!
This liberation from the old serfdom and empowerment through this natural self-determination engendered an unprecedented flourishing of commerce, trade, arts, philosophy, culture, enterprise and prosperity to the Athenian Populace.

Once their creative dexterity and ingenuity was set free, the Athenians rose to their greatest heights of achievements and spawned their legacy in so many fields, which to this day have profound impacts on what we call our civilisation.
Perhaps if people today had a more tangible stake in society and the decision making process they would also engender a more cohesive, conscientious and industrious Society, which would therefore be more inclusive and prosperous.

The Greek system of public gatherings, the Ekklesia, to debate and decide on the issues at hand, or to settle disputes and legal cases, was steeped in their traditional artform of oratory and debate which flourished at that time.

There were at least two flaws with this system of democracy;
Firstly, the female half of the population was excluded from this process, as were of course all the slaves, of which there were huge numbers.
The exclusion of the fairer sex from the decision making process perhaps was pivotal in not preventing the waging of senseless wars and its inevitable consequences which came home to roost as a cost thereof.
Today we are in urgent need of sanity and some feminine protective, caring instinct and restraint to reign in the marauding male dominated cesspool of warmongers and war criminals pulling the strings in DC.
However, exclude the sinister spooks of the Hillary, Nuland, Powers and Haley et al ilk who are an utter disgrace to their gender, but there are many more who think emulating their testosterone laden male counterparts will bring them more status and recognition.

Secondly, wealthier participants were able to hire Sophists, skilled orators who taught the art of oratory and debating and so could sway a Jury in legal cases in their favour and get their agenda accepted by a thus persuaded voting assembly.

This somewhat skewed affairs of privilege for the moneyed class persuaded Plato to re-ascribe to the well respected art of ‘sophistry’ the present day negative connotation of being deceitful and manipulative.
This is yet another malaise we're plagued with today in the form of a totally corrupt and hijacked media in the hands of the ruling moneyed oligarchy dumbing down and brainwashing the masses at will, while money can buy anything; the Judiciary, Politicians, Power, everything.

The only means for women to have any meaningful influence and impact on the affairs of state was exercised, as per the bawdy comedy play Lysistrata, by refusing their men conjugal rights/rites until they stopped fighting their Peloponnesian war between Sparta and Athens.

No more conjugal rights until you stop your
senseless war!

This senseless war, and the Sicily campaign as part of it, virtually destroyed the economies of both combatant states and in particular that of Athens, caused widespread hunger and misery and ended the 'golden age' of the Athenian state.
Yet another omen of what's coming to the perpetrators of unjust, criminal wars of aggression.

This strategy of enforced celibacy was ostensibly successful, well in the play at least, which perhaps cogently demonstrates that human (male) behaviour is primarily governed by • Avarice (Greed), • Desire (Lust) and • Vanity (Self-Aggrandisement), whereas the evident male need for sexual conquest and satisfaction, and then to boast about it, satisfies all three of these vices!

As flawed and exclusive as their system of democracy was, it is eons ahead of what passes as democracy today.
Whereas in ancient Greece male citizens genuinely had a voice and could make it be heard in the Ekklesia, today the deputisation of decision making to elected delegates who are then, implicitly at least, empowered to act according to their own conscience and will is invariably hijacked by the most powerful pecuniary interests.
Such duly ‘elected’ deputies are almost invariably bought off and so prostitutes him/herself to the highest bidder while the genuine concerns and interests of the people who elected them are brushed aside.

While the argument is raised that in large societies today it is impractical, well impossible to give everyone a voice or even a vote on important matters of state, as was the case in the relatively small city states of ancient Greece, this is classic sophistry employed to preserve the entrenched system of special interests buying up the political process via corruptible deputies.

Now with the advent of the internet and it’s ubiquitous use and availability this renders this argument into the realm the preposterous rearguard actions.

In fact, everyone could have a voting account and the results publicly displayed to prevent voter fraud, so the ancient democratic process of the Ekklesia could be resurrected into a modern day Internet Assembly to vote on all matters of state after due deliberation and public debate, which could also be conducted in equal fashion via discussion threads sorted by topics and positions etc.

This in fact would be Direct Democracy, which is of course like a Red Flag to the Oligarchy in power!

For this to be fairly implemented and work as intended the Media Landscape would have to be completely overhauled and all concentration of Media broken up into independent entities.
Let's say that no entity is allowed more than 2.5% of the total market share of a particular segment of the information sector; i.e. TV, Cable, Print, Internet Portal, Social Media, Radio etc.
Presently the entire global Media is concentrated in the hands of a handful of mega media conglomerates who shape the entire global narrative on every subject.
Thus we have the exact same 'news' and narrative on every chanel and outlet globally, where no one dares to step outside of the confines of this pre-masticated diet of propaganda lies!
Direct Democracy in Action!
Landsgemeinde (Ekklesia) in Switzerland,
voting by show of hands.

People love to be in their own Communities, cherish their own Culture and have a genuine say on a local, state and federal level.
So what is also required is that the decisive decision-making is given back to the Local Communities i.e. as in local Councils (Village, Town, Suburb, City) and e.g. the Cantons in Switzerland, and the warmongering federal mega structures be broken up into community based Polis/Poleis, πόλις, where the people feel comfortably at home and determine their own affairs.

Moreover the entire Structure of Control, Rape & Plunder needs to be dismantled; none of these Institutions have any legitimacy, all were Top-down imposed for the sole purpose of controlling, raping and plundering Productive Humanity!
UN, EU, BIS, IMF, WB, WTO, FTAs CBs all rigged Markets, Military etc.
Then the underpinning of this entire Power-structure, the parasitic Fiat Currency Crime Racket must be replaced with honest Money, built upon effort and merit.
Gold & Silver have an honorable 5,000 year long record of serving Humanity as a Means of Exchange and as a Store of Value!
This would also require that the Kleptocracy in power be relieved of all their ill-gotten wealth of billions and trillions, raped and plundered over the corpses of millions and billions in their contrived Wars for Profit, Hegemony, Rape & Plunder!

This all of course would be completely upending the present Power-Structure at its core and give back the power to the Productive People, taken away from the presently ruling parasitic Kleptocracy, raping, plundering and tyrannising humanity!

But the oligarchy in power will never let it happen willingly!

However, to the disenfranchised masses this system obviously tastes just too much of real democracy as it should be and it would be very simple to implement. The internet is replete with Forums and Opinion Polls, so a secure and foolproof e-Voting System could just as easily be implemented to resurrect real Democracy.

So this brings us back to the disenfranchised populous which now comprises 99.9999999% of the population, not just the fairer sex, which needs to be impartially represented to bring back genuine Democracy and a Fair, Just, Equitable and Sovereign society.
Today EVERYONE is disenfranchised, and a Debt-Slave to the Banksters, since the REAL Powers are ruling via their bought off Harlots in Parliament who, for a pay, are doing only their Paymaster-Pimp's bidding against the will of the People who voted them in, and pay their salaries!

It is time for a new Spartan Revolt!
Except that the efficacy of this method of enforced celibacy has been eclipsed by the fact that the power-dispensing despots sitting the WH, No. 10, Elysee et al are now but Poofters and Queers, or AC/DC at best and the real power wielders from parasitic Wall Street (WS) and Military Industrial Complex (MIC), could easily buy anything they want with the immense raped and plundered wealth from the productive people

So a different strategy of revolt, withdrawal and enforced celibacy needs to be employed.

Citizens have no other options left than to revolt peacefully or if that fails, violently since the Ballot Box method has proven to be a complete sham.

The peaceful option includes the assisted destruction of the single most powerful underpinning of the Oligarchy’s powerbase; the parasitic and iniquitous Fiat Currency Crime Racket!

✘ In this everyone can assist by:

Cutting up your Credit Cards.

Every time you use one of these debt instruments you create debt which has to be paid back with interest. In the case of Credit Card debt the interest is levied to the Merchant, whether he likes it or not, but the bank takes a cut of anywhere up to 3 or 4% of his sales. Then there are Participation fee, Terminal access fee Installation fees, Establishment Fee, Debit purchase Merchant service fees, Debit cash out card fees, Authorisation fees, Chargeback fees, Minimum Merchant Service fees etc, banksters just love to charge fees to captive debt slaves.

Repay any loans or mortgage you have, if at all possible.
Banksters conjure up fiat currency out of thin air and charge usurious rental on this confetti currency to captive debt slaves. Borrow from relatives, or by any other means if possible. Debt creation is the Banksters’ means to enslave Humanity in debt; if you borrow any amount for say a 30 year term you pay back nigh double the amount, plus insurance fees, valuations, solicitors etc. Think about that your purchase, say a house, more than doubles in price by borrowing from the Banksters.

Get out of banking as much as you can!
Only hold enough cash at hand as is needed. Depositors are now all unsecured creditors to the Banksters ranking at the bottom of the creditor pile, that is to say that everyone else is paid restitution first if there are any assets left in case of bankruptcy. Also bail-ins are now an established norm and will be applied rigorously, that is, your hard earned cash will be confiscated in exchange for equity in the bank in the form of worthless shares, valued arbitrarily at their determination.
Also, any bank deposits are fair game for the banksters to be used in any way they see fit; gambling i.e. high risk futures plays, CDSs, etc.

Deposit your hard earned cash in physical Gold and Silver and store it in a safe place outside the banking system, either at home or with specialized Gold Vaulting Companies.
Banksters literally have stolen everyone's Gold from allocated accounts to pooled accounts and sold it hundreds of times over to gamble with the proceeds and left IOUs in return. That's many tens of thousands of tons.

Avoid paying taxes
That is not evasion but minimize your tax liabilities as much as possible.
Today much of your hard earned cash you pay in taxes goes straight to the banksters, as interest payments, i. e. to parasites who created currency out of thin air and lent it to your government; this is the essence of the Fiat Currency Crime Racket; every unit of currency is a Debt Instrument to the banksters!
It's modern day Debt Slavery!

Refuse to lend credence and legitimacy to elections by voting in these staged and rigged selection-frauds where a predetermined (masonic) stooge is paraded as a ‘candidate’ you may vote on.
At the very least chose a Candidate who is trustworthy, even if he/she has no chance of winning, or stand yourself in elections and disseminate your message about real Democracy!

Least of all, work for the Government in any shape or form!
I.e. in the enforcement apparatuses which keep them in power by keeping the populace subdued, in fear and compliant; i.e. Military, Police, 'Security Agencies', or any enforcement agency.
Stop buying from all multi national corporations
and only purchase from locally owned and
produced sources.

Supporting the very fascist entities behind the Crimes against Humanity they foster via their DC Think Tanks and Lobby groups is akin to financing your own Enslavement and Slaughter!
And if all that fails, then the violent option is the people’s last choice to take back their Liberties, Rights and Sovereignty; Revolution!

[That is if a grassroots Uprising can remain true to its Principles and not be coopted & hijacked, as most every other Revolution always has been:
The Bolshevik 'Revolution' for instance was from A to Z a WS-Oligarchy financed and orchestrated installment of something far, far diabolically worse than the People thought they're fighting against, until it was too late!

Let that be a salient lesson to all would be Revolutionaries!]

But exactly the SAME diabolical co-opting has been underway for decades with the Climate Change Fraud which has as its aim the exact same tyrannical enslavement of Humanity, while all the wide-eyed Greenies, ignorant Do-Gooders and thoughtless brainwashed Plebs cheer along their very own Enslavement and eventual culling, as plotted!

What all this demonstrates is that today people are either wittingly, or are deliberately fooled into unwittingly relinquishing, what should be their most cherished and treasured right, to exert a measure of influence over important decision making which directly affect and determine their own lives.

Deputising your right of decision making to inevitably bought off Harlots is NOT Democracy in any sense of the word; but the powers that be would have you believe that this is so!

Today, in the 21st century no less, there are still royalty as heads of state, there but for the fluke of birth, dictators kept in power by their sycophantic cronies, ‘democratically elected’ despots who are in turn beholden to their moneyed puppeteers, and all cloak themselves in the ever so respectable moniker of ‘Democracy’.

It is time we took Democracy back in the true sense the term implies before it is too late!

That is; Demos: common people, kratos: strength i.e. rule
Democracy = Rule of / by the People

There were many factors which contributed to the rise of Athenian Democracy; there were some brilliant and ambitious minds involved, such as Peisistratos and Cleisthenes who realised that having the common People as your allies rather than mere oppressed and exploited slaves will secure their own position as rulers and thus sought their loyalty through improving their lot and giving them a say.

But ultimately it was the Revolt of the Common People which brought about the complete evisceration of the old Oligarchical System of previledged, parasitic Rule over the Productive People;

And this is a lesson today's 7.5 Billion Debt Serfs on plant Earth should heed; there will be NO Knight in shining Armour riding into town to bring about their liberation and implement Democracy for them!

[Interestingly though Peisistratos did something akin by taking along with him a consort from a nearby Polis claiming her to be Athena, the Protector Goddess of Athens, to convince the Athenians to let him rule over them whereupon the Athenians surprisingly accepted his rule, but he improved their drudgery at the same time to win their loyalty; but waiting for another Peisistrato to ride into town is obviously not a recommended nor productive policy!]

During the course of history many oppressed people weren't squeamish about disposing of tyrannical Rulers to pave the way for a better world, not that this usually resulted in any, or a significant improvement of their lot, but Tyrannicide could always be an ominous option to put tyrannical rulers on notice:
Hipparchus, Caesar, Caligula, Nero, Andronicus, Lincoln, Robespierre, Trotsky were some of the tyrannical rulers whose fate was sealed by disgruntled plebs who saw to it that their tyrannical rule ended abruptly!
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