Muammar Gaddafi, the Mossad-CIA-DST-BND-MI6-GIP-MGK Intrigues and the 1986 bombing of Libya!

Setting the record straight; what REALLY happened.
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Muammar Gaddafi, the Mossad-CIA-DST-BND-MI6-GIP-MGK Intrigues and the 1986 bombing of Libya!

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French Diplomat, Daniel Bernard in 2001:

"All the current troubles in the world are because of that shitty little country Israel.
Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?"

When Reagan came to power the Zionist controlled US MSM incessantly ran a sensational story that a Libyan hit squad had entered the US to assassinate Ronald Reagan.
This fake story originated from a Mossad asset, Ghorbanifar, who in turn was a former SAVAK agent, the Iranian secret service under the US puppet, the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

In fact this almost certainly was cover for the elite's plans to assassinate Regan as they tried on the 30 March 1981 and by all accounts were trying again as they failed in that attempt!
The shooter's family, John Hinckley Jr., were very wealthy, well connected and had funded Bush's bid for the WH and had very close ties to the Bush clan and HW Bush Snr., then VP to Reagan.
Had the assassination attempt succeeded that time WH Bush would have become President – much sooner than having to wait out Reagan’s presidency and running on his own ticket.

A young Colonel out to change the world for the better!

This set the tone for the vilification of Libya and Gaddafi and was instrumental in what ensued some years later.

This story begins in February 1986 when the Mossad sent a special squad to Tripoli to plant a transmitter, which received transmissions from the Mossad in Israel on one frequency and then relayed these messages simultaneously on another frequency used by the Libyan government.
It was covertly used to transmit purported encrypted messages from the Libyan government to its Embassies with instructions for covert terrorist operations.

By way of deception thou shalt do war! Mossad-Judeo-Talmudic Mindset!

The CIA pretended to have bought this Mossad deception holus bolus, and of course had it also ‘confirmed’ by Mossad reports, but what is much closer to the truth is that they used it as a casus belli to drop bombs on yet another innocent country they didn't like!

But the Spanish and French were more than a little suspicious and didn’t fall for yet another Mossad plot to blame some innocent country for their own nefarious machinations.
This was to prove vital for Gaddafi!

One of the transmissions ostensibly was referring to a night club, or the La Belle Discotheque specifically, in West Berlin, which was subsequently bombed on 5 April 1986, and one American off-duty serviceman was killed along with one female companion while some two hundred people were injured.

Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky describes in detail how the Mossad engineered this deception, which they dubbed ‘Operation Trojan’.
Though he is careful not to lay direct blame on the Mossad carrying out the bombing attack themselves, he might be fearful of certain assassination by his former colleagues, nonetheless he states that they ‘facilitated’ it; which is to say that they pulled all the necessary strings and employed assets and patsies as is standard practice in such false flag operations of deception.

From a long gone by era: 'The three Greats'!

There were serious question marks about the perpetrators and the West Berlin Police Director Manfred Ganschow in fact cleared Libya [1] of any connections and stated that:

“This is a highly political case, some of the evidence cited by Washington may not be evidence at all but merely assumptions supplied for political reasons”!

Another West Berlin investigating police officer confided to a West German intelligence officer:

"Well, when I add it all up, I think the Yanks did this thing themselves."

Victor Ostrovsky would later testify at the Lockerby Trial that the Mossad transmitted all the signals and messages such as:
"We have something that will make you happy!"
and then after the bombing:
An event occurred. You will be pleased with the result."
Which were designed to have the intelligence community believe that it was Libya which was behind the attack.

A German TV ZDF investigation concluded that the group of prime suspects led by Mahmoud Abu Jaber, all living in East Berlin, were protected by 'western intelligence services' from prosecution!
Stating that according to Russian and East German intelligence services, the group worked for western intelligence.

The ZDF investigation further revealed that Mohammed Amairi, Abu Jaber's right-hand man, was a Mossad agent, this was confirmed to them by his own lawyer Odd Drevland.
Amairi fled to Norway and was arrested and investigated.
However the Mossad got involved and Amairi was released and Berlin's Public Prosecutor Detlev Mehlis revoked the arrest warrant against Amairi!

ZDF concluded that Yasser Chraidi, who in June 2004 was convicted by a German court, was framed by US and German authorities.
Former Lebanese public prosecutors Mounif Oueidat and his deputy Mrad Azoury both independently confirmed that German authorities had in fact fabricated evidence to secure Chraidi's extradition from Lebanon in May 1996.
Later that year a Berlin judge concluded the prosecution's case was so weak that Chraidi should be released in the absence of any conclusive evidence and set a three week deadline for his release, but higher powers pursued his prosecution.

So on the day of Chraidi’s supposed release, 9 September 1996, Berlin’s Public Prosecutor Detlev Mehlis, the Berlin Police Inspector Uwe Wilhelms and a fellow by the name of Winterstein from the BND met Musbah Eter in Malta.

Eter was running a fake business there, which was merely a cover for CIA intelligence operations.
German police already had an arrest warrant out on him for murder.
Yet during this meeting an underhand deal was struck which granted immunity for Eter in return for him giving incriminating evidence against Chraidi for the La Belle Discotheque bombing.
Subsequently the following day Eter testified at the German embassy while the Germans fulfilled their end of the bargain by annulling the arrest warrant against him.

Eter was a driver at the Libyan Embassy in East Berlin at the time of the disco bombing and yet he paid regular visits to the US Embassy.
This seems highly unusual, but the STASI had watched Eter closely for years and Chraidi’s lawyer, Christian Ströbele, confirmed this incriminating fact.

So in the end the wrong, innocent Yasser Chraidi was prosecuted and incarcerated and the guilty, ‘Mahmoud’ Abu Jaber and Mohammed Amairi et al, all working for the Mossad-Western Intelligence Services for a pay, were let free under the connivance and immense pressure from the Jewish-Zionist powers controlling western governments [2] !

This was all part of a grand scheme for regime change in Libya and a piece of the vilification puzzle which was ongoing for decades against Gaddafi, driven by Tel Aviv and its Mossad, and Washington and its CIA along with all their vassal governments and secret services!

This sets a quote by former French FM Roland Dumas in his book "Coups et blessures - 50 ans de secrets partagés avec François Mitterrand" into its proper context:
"The Israelis do as they please in France, and manipulate the French intelligence services (DST) as they see fit"

It thus goes without saying that all western intelligence services are one giant, close knit community, all controlled by a Jewish-Zionist cabal which in turn serves the Jewish-Zionist oligarchy from WS, the City and the rest of the moneyed 'elite' in power, congregating at Bilderberg meetings, the WEF, WS, G30, Fed, G7, BIS, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Chatham House, AIPAC, Atlantic Council, WTO and many more such supra-transnational deep state organisations.

West Germany’s Chancellor Helmut Kohl was against any raid on Libya as a response to this bombing and was reportedly furious that the Reagan WH cited him as being in support of a bombing raid.
The same applied to the Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi who also was not in support of any attack on Libya but was aghast that the WH cited him as a supporter.

The Reagan administration in fact went to great lengths to spread lies and deceptions to make their concocted story stick and justify a raid on Libya.
Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and Secretary of State George Shultz spread the lie that there were warnings given to the West Berlin police and that nightclubs were being cleared of patrons and that they were just minutes too late at the La Belle Discotheque to save the revellers there.
A completely concocted and brazen lie!

US Hero - Global Villain!

However the Reagan administration was only too keen to use this staged event to ‘punish’ Gaddafi and by all accounts to assassinate him [3] .
Though, per the usual diplomatic speak, the administration pronounced that they ‘did not intend to kill Gaddafi, but if it had taken him out then this would have been an added bonus’!

In fact the plotters in the WH, and Ronald Reagan himself, went out of their way to make sure they would kill Gaddafi in their raid on sovereign Libya which they dubbed Operation El Dorado Canyon!

Gaddafi at the destroyed Compound!

Gaddafi’s residential compound Bab al-Aziziyah was specifically selected and hit with ‘smart bombs’, along with the Tripoli Military Airfield, hit with 500lb dumb bombs and what they labelled as ‘Terrorist Training Barracks’ at Benina airport, which was hit with 750lb cluster bombs to destroy as many aircraft and murder as many servicemen as possible.

Although 24 planes in all took off, it was 18 planes which were to partake in the sortie, six to each target.

Reagan personally selected the targets and on his insistence had three planes re-assigned and diverted to the compound which they knew housed Gaddafi and his family so that nine planes would unload their deadly cargo on Gaddafi.

The raid began at 2.00am and in all 37 Libyans were killed and 93 wounded, almost all civilians and Gaddfi’s adopted daughter was also killed.

From the US’ perspective the raid was a complete failure; one plane was shot down thanks to Regan’s macabre bloodlust to murder Gaddafi, as the delay in having nine planes swooping down in succession on the compound, spaced some 60 seconds apart, gave the Libyan defences ample time to react and take at least one plane out.

F111 Aardvark medium-range Interdictor

Out of the 18 F111 planes only four hit their targets with a limited degree of accuracy while six aborted early and the rest unloaded their deadly payload indiscriminately on Tripoli, killing innocent civilians.

The most crucial factor in saving Gaddafi was the fact the French, under Francois Mitterrand, and the Spanish governments refused to allow these US planes to cross their airspace and this caused a delay of 15 hours and perhaps some warning for Gaddafi.
This also necessitated the need for the planes to fly around France and Spain while needing to refuel four times in midair, while hailing from RAF Lakenheath in the UK, instead of flying across France, Spain or Italy, or even hail form these countries, located much closer to Libya!

Mitterand, his longtime Mistress and 'illegitimate' daughter!

Gaddafi reputedly thanked Francois Mitterrand for refusing to being party to this crime against Libya.

This is from a time when 'Gaullisme' was still a hallowed way of politics in France and principles were not there to be forsaken for expediency, but to stay steadfast on an independent course, regardless of the cost!

Contrast this to the way Zionist crypto Jew Sarkozy was the driving force and instrumental in destroying Libya and murdering Gaddafi in 2011.

Even though Mitterrand had close ties to Israel, this didn’t prevent him from being level headed and steadfast enough in steering an independent course commensurate with the facts and not becoming embroiled in such cowardly crimes, as was widely acknowledged at the time; but then this was three decades ago!

While there were 45 Syrian fighter pilots stationed in Libya at the time, no Libyan aircraft scrambled to intercept the American F111.
Purportedly there were orders issued to that effect which were either disobeyed or simply ignored; perhaps this was to their benefit as they certainly would have suffered heavy losses against the much more agile and heavily equipped US planes.
The Americans had also dispatched F14 and F18 planes which were loitering at 15,000 feet near the target areas to intercept and shoot down any defending aircraft with Sidewinders while many more F18 Hornets were also stationed offshore with an array of anti aircraft A2A missiles and armaments.
The Libyan radar air defences were also disabled with jamming frequencies and firing High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARM).

This bombing raid on Libya prompted Hezbollah hostage takers in Lebanon to break off negotiations with the US and UK and instead released French nationals as an acknowledgment of their role in preventing the murder of Gaddafi and for its non-participation of this crime of aggression against Libya.
Three hostages however were executed as a result of this criminal bombing raid on an innocent country framed by the Mossad.
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