21st Century Wars; the Who, Why, How!

Setting the record straight; what REALLY happened.
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21st Century Wars; the Who, Why, How!

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◆ Wars of aggression

Afghanistan I
When on the 3 of July 1979 President Carter signed the order to furnish military supplies to the Afghan Mujahadeen to fight the progressive Government in Kabul, friendly with the Soviets, it was designed to draw the Soviet Union into supporting the Afghan Government and fulfil a long harboured chance for the US to deal them a ‘Vietnam’ of their own.

Face of pure Evil;
Zbigniew Brzezinski,
50 years of Warmongering

This plot was hatched by National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinsk, whose loathing and hatred for Russia boarders on pathological obsession.

This fun little chessboard game of strategic, geopolitical power-play, acted out by Washington Neo-Cons from behind their gilded oak desks, cost the lives of around 1.5 million Afghan civilians, made seven million refugees and injured over 3 million people, while destroying the country and setting the economy and society back decades.

North Korea
The Korean War of 1950 – 53 was another US instigated war of unparalleled cruelty and barbarity.
The US deliberately goaded the North Koreans into skirmishes to create a ruse to wage a full blown war against that country.
During the course of this savage war of aggression the US carpet bombed North Korea and deliberately destroyed every one of its 78 towns and every village and population centre, massacring some 9 million innocent civilians, almost a third of its population!

The indescribable horrors and suffering deliberately inflicted by the US in an orgy of genocide, death and destruction are truly unprecedented in savagery and malice.
Is it any wonder that North Korea seeks to prevent a repeat of such a crime against their country by acquiring the nuclear bomb, which serves as the only deterrent to unilateral aggression from the US.

The Korean war of aggression was followed by the Vietnam war of equal barbarity and for the same reasons, which cost the lives of 3.8 million, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, (although some put the figure close to 5.8 million) and caused countless millions of injured and displaced, and which continues to kill & maim and cause birth defects, cancers and illnesses to this day.
The VN war was unilaterally widened to Laos and Cambodia and in all some 7.6 million tons of ordnances were dropped on Indochina, which never threatened the US in any way, or even could pose a threat. It was purely for reasons of economic exploitation.
To envisage the amount of death and destruction dropped on these three countries take a look at the Great Pyramid in Egypt which weighs about 6 million tons, less than the total of the murderous ordnances dropped on towns, villages, civilians, women and children in another orgy of blind, inhumane venality.

Both, the Korean and the Vietnam wars, were fought for the same reasons: Communist countries opted out of the western sphere of the Monetary System, issued their own state owned currency outside the control of the big monetary powers from WS, the Fed, BIS, WB and the IMF.
They also sought to develop their own economies without incurring debt to foreign banks, and foreign companies had a hard time exploiting these country’s resources and labour.
Both also stood as forward bases against the big prize; China, which also was communist and outside the western, exploitative monetary orbit.
In both countries the US attempted to protect their economic extortion racket, which they exploited to the fullest, and which were implemented by French colonial power in VN, and in Korea by the Japanese colonial occupying rapists.

The Crimes against Humanity in Vietnam and Korea were an almost exact repeat of the same Crimes by the US and British against Germany in WWII where the allies deliberately bombed civilian targets, towns and every population center they could bomb in an attempt to wipe out the German race, as their diabolical aim was candidly admitted to.

Hellstorm: The Dresden Holocaust!

♦ Allied War Crimes

The real Holocaust; Allied Terror bombing of German Towns (Hitler gave precise instructions not to bomb any
civilian targets, which made Churchill hysterically apoplectic, so he ordered his man, Bomber Harris, to pre-emptively start bombing German towns anyway and deploy chemical weapons, which culminated in the most horrific crimes of firebombing town after town with wave after wave of bombing raids to wipe out entire cities and its populations.
Luckily genocidal Churchill’s order of using chemical weapons was not followed since others had slightly more sense than this deranged War Criminal)

World War II is, in all informed circles, widely regarded as Roosevelt’s war.
Hitler made numerous peace offers only to be rebuffed by Churchill and his de facto patron Roosevelt.
Churchill and Roosevelt, the men behind
WWII and 60 million slaughtered victims

Roosevelt literally blackmailed the British into a war with Germany.
On the 16 March 1939 Roosevelt, in a dispatch to London, demanded that the British Government of Chamberlain henceforth strongly oppose Germany and that if the ‘Munich policy’ continued no further support, moral or material in the form of war material sales such as planes, warships etc could be made to the UK.
The following day all UK cooperation with Germany ceased and on March 31, two weeks later, the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Poland was born in belligerent language towards Germany.
Hitler was entrapped through this treaty, while Poland played its part by escalating their pogroms against German citizens under their rule.
Hitler could not tolerate the slaughter of his own citizens any longer and waged, what he deemed to be merely a limited strike against Poland to liberate his fellow countrymen.
However Germany and France immediately declared war on Germany, all according to their preconceived plan to wage war on Germany and destroy the country, as was stated numerous times by the actors behind the powers.

Roosevelt, while pontificating about Britain and its colonial empire, far from being the democratic, champion of sovereignty and fighter for liberties and indigenous rights he himself and history would like to see him portrayed as, was plotting and scheming to build the US’ own empire of exploitation and subjugation we see today.
The Destroyers for Bases Agreement was forced on Britain in exchange for some old, dusted up warships.
Thus the US gained bases in Newfoundland, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Antigua, British Guiana and Bermuda on rent free, 99 year leases.
After the war the US occupied every country it ‘liberated’ form Japanese and German occupation and has never since left, every country is still occupied and kept under vassalage, but now by the US: Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Portugal etc.

This completely unnecessary war of Roosevelt and his co-conspirator Churchill cost the lives of some 60 to 70 million innocent souls, unimaginable suffering, the destruction of Europe and saw the emergence of this new exploitative colonial power, the US, all for the sake of another geopolitical game plan hatched out by white colour Criminals in the Oval Office, MIC and Think Tank board rooms and around cabinet tables.

It also brought the horrors of Communism into the heart of Europe, something Hitler was trying to prevent when he attacked the Soviet Union. Stalin had progressively amassed some 300 Divisions to invade western Europe and Hitler was forced to hastily launch Operation Barbarossa to preempt an imminent attack by the Soviets.
Though the hatred of Germany by Churchill and Roosevelt and their stated aim to destroy it was the very cause of the enslavement of Eastern Europe under Bolshevik terror for the next 45 years, this fact was belatedly admitted by Churchill when he lamented that they 'butchered the wrong pig'.

None of this is to completely exonerate Hitler, his Government and Generals.


After being stabbed in the back by the western powers countless times, first at the Versailles Treaty where Germany was forced to pay unjust, crippling reparations for all war damages, lost 13% of its territory and hence 12% of its population came under foreign rule, and then all the refusals to accept his many overtures to settle Germany’s legitimate grievances diplomatically, and finally the entrapment with the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Poland and the subsequent declaration of war by France and Britain, he launched into some savage attacks against his self-declared foes.
But of course the victors get to write the history books, so officially it is all Hitler’s fault!

Roosevelt’s indignation over the Japanese’s Pearl Harbour attack was as hollow and hypocritical as his pontificating that there should be an end to Colonialism as practiced by the British.
The US had managed to break the Japanese’s code and knew exactly the time, place and nature of the attack. Also on January 27 1941 Joseph C. Grew, the US ambassador to Japan, sent a wire to Washington revealing that he had learned of a surprise attack which Japan was apparently preparing against Pearl Harbor.
But to play along with the cynical charade as the aggrieved victim of an unprovoked Japanese aggression, and have an excuse to enter the war against Japan, 2.500 US soldiers were ‘sacrificed’ and 18 old war ships were left to be damaged or sunk by the attack.
In spite of knowing of the attack, no warning was issued or any effort made to prevent it, the only precaution taken was to remove all the newer war vessels and the most valuable Aircraft Carriers so as to be still fully combat ready.
The US also prior to the attack implemented an oil embargo against Japan and applied sanctions which left the Japanese little option than to go for the jugular of its new nemesis who, through these actions, all but thwarted their criminal war efforts and threatened its very existence.
This is not to defend the Japanese; their conduct, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity were of an unprecedented barbarity and vileness and deserved everything they got in the end.

Iraq 2003
The 9/11 Twin Tower attack was hatched by US Neo-Con insiders including government members of the Clinton and Bush administrations.
It was presaged in the predominantly Jewish Neo-Con’s ‘The Project for the New American Century’ (PNAC) paper 'Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces And Resources For A New Century' where it was stated that US strategy of conquest for total hegemony was likely to be a long, arduous process ‘absent of a new Pearl Harbor’ event.
The new Pearl Harbor event was miraculously gifted to the USG in 2001 in the form of the 9/11 attacks!

The war against Iraq was the pre-eminent and immediate aim of the administration but the ruse proffered with the concocted connection between these attacks and Saddam Hussein could just not convincingly enough be made.
The Afghan War, the real reasons behind the invasion of Afghanistan!
So the US invaded Afghanistan first in their quest for new military bases against Russia and China, the rich mineral resources and the lucrative Opium drug trade.

The CIA, US military and the WS banksters are the main drug dealers on the planet and operate a highly lucrative, vertically integrated, global Drug distribution business. Poppy production has since the invasion and US occupation more than 50 fold after the Taliban almost had wiped it out previously, while the US Army is guarding the fields. WS Banksters launder the Drug Cash and take a healthy cut of up to 30%, while the US Army and CIA transport the drugs. This is no secret and is widely known and has been going on since the VN war and before.

In 2003, after a long vilification program based on a litany of lies the US invaded Iraq to make sure the Iraqi oil is again traded in US$ after Saddam had switched to the Euro after ten years of crippling sanctions which cost the lives of 1.5 million Iraqis, according to UN data.

The Iraq war, which was waged on lies and false pretences of non-existent WMDs, has cost the lives of some 1.7 million innocent Iraqis, countless millions of injured and the country, soil, groundwater and environment left poisoned with Chemicals and DU radiation causing birth defects, cancers and illnesses to eternity.
The total of Iraqis who lost their lives due to US aggression in the two wars total over 4.9 million. The reason for destroying Iraq and lynching Saddam was purely for the fact that Saddam had dumped the US$ and switched to the Euro for his oil.

Libya 2011
The same fate was to befall global hero Gaddafi, who proposed a Gold backed dinar which would have severely challenged the western exploitative power’s Fiat Currency System, mainly the US$, Euro and Pound.

So a plot was swiftly hatched to ‘take out’ Gaddafi and prevent the establishment of this competing currency, the Gold backed Pan African Dinar!
There were many more reasons and shades behind this unspeakable Crime against Humanity, but in all NATO’s savage bombing massacred some 600,000 innocent civilians and deliberately destroyed much of Gaddafi’s achievements, specifically the Irrigation System he instigated and the factories producing the pipes so it couldn’t be repaired in a hurry.
The destruction in Libya again is of an unimaginable scale and barbarity, and done deliberately by the US and its NATO puppet allies.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, arguably the most popular, loved and respected leader by his people on the planet, next to equally much maligned and vilified Putin, had the temerity to decline the Qatar Gas Pipeline and instead opted for the Iranian proposal of building the Islamic Friendship Pipeline from their Pars Gas Field across Syria.

The Qatari Gas Pipeline is aimed at undermining Russia’s gas supplies to Europe, so there is a convergence of interests between all the actors in the war on Syria; US/UK/NATO/Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Turkey, which is their common hatred for Putin and Russia, solely because he stands in their way of the exploitation and subjugation of Russia by the US and its MIC.

Then Syria has a publicly owned Central Bank outside the WS/Fed/BIS/WB/IMF orbit of control and exploitation.
Syria occupies territory which is part of the Yinon Plan for a Greater Israel. The colonial squatter colony on Palestinian land literally believes that they were given the land from the Nile to the Euphrates by their fanciful Yahweh deity, which includes all of Syria, and they actively wage war after war to achieve this diabolical plot. And Syria has oil and gas.

French FM reveals the US/UK planned the destruction of Syria long before 2011The decision to destroy Syria and carve it up and share the spoils amongst Turkey and Israel was taken way back in 2005, long before there was any US organised unrest in the country.
Former French FM Roland Dumas revealed that back in 2009, while he was in the UK, British officials told him that they were planning the overthrow of the Syrian Government and had foreign proxy terrorists ready who will invade Syria and start a ‘civil’ war.
Of course a civil war means factions from within a country fighting each other, but as in Libya, the Syrian war is a proxy war fought by the US and its crony allies with mercenaries from outside Syria.

War Criminals: Blair, Brown, Cameron, Bush, Obama,
Sarkozy, Hollande, Netanyahu etc

It is not a civil war, but a Crime under the Statute of Rome and also the Allies’ own Nuremberg Principles!

The US’ own proxy army ISIS is a creation of the US intelligence services along with Mossad.
ISIS leader Abu al-Baghdadi aka Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri or Shimaun Ayalot or Simon Elliot, take your pick, is an intelligence asset who was trained and programmed while imprisoned in Iraq by the Americans.
On his release in December 2004, he and a whole army of former Baath party loyalists allied to slain Saddam Hussein, all Sunnis, were given everything they needed to form and equip a complete army and establish the management structure to run an entire state; arms, finance, training, personnel, equipment etc, by the US with financial support from the Saudis and Qataris. Turkey got in on the orgy of death & destruction once he realised that this is his great opportunity to resurrect the Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire and see his own megalomaniac ego ascend as the new Caliph!

It is inconceivable and downright ludicrous to suggest that a motley band of malcontent terrorist rabble rousers would be capable, or have the means, equipment, resources, skills and knowledge to capture the best part of two countries and establish itself with formidable power, all under the watchful eyes of the US who is present in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and across the entire Middle East in full military strength.
The Metamorphosis of the CIA into ISIS, which is nothing but a US Army Division, massacring, destroying, raping and torturing just like the regular Divisions


ISIS is controlled and commandeered by CIA, MI6, Mossad and Blackwater Ops and the operational centre of the entire ISIS operation is located in the US Embassy in Ankara, Turkey with, previously Francis J. Ricciardone and now John Bass being the conduit from the Atlantic Council, CIA, MI6, Mossad et al, commandeering their every move with the specific aid of Atlantic Council members, which includes top military brass, politicians and intelligence heads.
The Atlantic Council held an Energy Summit in Istanbul on the 22 – 23 of November in 2013 where it was envisaged to divvy up the spoils of Iraqi and Syrian oil, stolen under the guise of their proxy armies of beheaders, rapists, sex-slave traders, looters, thieves, mass-murderers and destroyers.
The Terrorist Vermin behind the Crimes in Syria
But by that time their ISIS boys and their effective patron Erdogan had taken matters into their own hands and funnelled the stolen oil via Turkey in Erdogan’s own fleet of thousands of tankers to Israel.
But the US was ok with this, there is no degree of separation between all the criminal elements fighting for the same cause, namely the destruction of Syria and Iraq.

The criminal war on Syria waged by the US with its proxy army of AQ, al-Nusra, ISIS and a whole slew of Terrorist gangs, all aided, abetted, armed, trained, financed and commandeered by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK, France and Turkey, has cost the lives of close to half a million innocent Syrians and made tens of millions displaced and refugees.
The Nuremberg Principles and Common Law are clear; there is no distinction between the perpetrator and his instigator and paymaster; the highest ranking politicians are the beheaders, slave traders, rapists, destroyers, crucifiers; Obama!
The destruction of Syria is on a scale equal to all the other Crime Scenes where the US has waged its criminal wars of aggression for their hegemonic ambitions and in defence of the US Dollar!
Common law is absolutely clear, as is the Statute of Rome and the Nuremberg Principles; there is no distinction between the murderer firing the gun or canon and his instigator and paymaster sitting in the Oval Office or in 10 Downing Street.
The USG, Obama and his successors, UKG, Cameron and his successors, the FRG, Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron, the DEG, Merkel, and all their cronies are in fact the terrorists, the beheaders, crucifiers, sex slave traders, rapists and mass-murderers.

◆ Friends what friends

When the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam came into office on the 5 December 1972 he sought to shape Australian domestic and foreign policies as those befitting of an independent, sovereign nation.
1975 US, CIA deposed their 'Friend and Ally' Gough Whitlam, PM of Australia
Australia had been a coolie and puppet to the British and Americans from its inception and the Viet Nam war was in full swing with Australian soldiers, sent there by the previous puppet Government, doing the American’s vile bidding in the most unpopular war in history.


Some of his ministers publicly condemned the American’s indiscriminate bombing of towns, civilian targes and dense population centres as corrupt and barbaric. Whitlam was also unhappy about the Pine Gap spy station in the middle of Australia, spying on everyone including civilians, government and military.

The ‘Whitlam Problem’ was considered such a threat to US hegemony and control over Australia that they dispatched their problem solver man of the moment, ‘Coup Master’ Marshall Green, to Canberra as Ambassador.
With a litany of lies, smears and vilification the US managed to overthrow Gough Whitlam in 1975 and replace him with another puppet, Malcolm Fraser, willing to do their vile bidding, and every PM since has treacherously been in their pocket, willing or by blackmail and extreme coercion.

New Zealand
When in 1984 the New Zealand Labour Government under David Lange came into office, voted in on huge majority and partly on a platform of declaring NZ Nuclear Free, it quickly moved to declare that US warships would not be allowed to enter NZ territorial waters unless assurances were given that they were neither nuclear powered nor nuclear armed.

The US’ response, under Ronald Reagan, was swift and decisive and froze NZ out of the flow of intelligence and virtually ceased all contacts with NZ under the ANZUS Alliance (Australia New Zealand US).
After all threats, pressure and blackmail failed to get the ban rescinded, the US, in January 1985, requested port privileges for one of its conventional ships, the USS Buchanan, to confront the NZ Government head on and force the issue.
The NZG, as per its declaration, requested confirmation of its nuclear status and when that was refused by the US the request of a port visit was declined.
NZ Prime Minister David Lange, a proud legacy of defying the US Hegemon

David Lange,
NZ Prime Minister
4 Aug. 1942 – † 13 Aug 2005
Then in 1987 the NZG passed the Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act, which enshrined New Zealand’s nuclear free status.

The US continued to apply immense pressure to have the act repealed and to allow unrestricted US warship visits.
By 2006 the prospects of a Free Trade Agreement between NZ and the US was tied to the repeal of this act, but NZ stood firm.

Australia again
Almost concurrent to these events, the Australian Government under Bob Hawke, elected in 1983, had a mandate to request the USG to phase out its military presence in Australia. Again the US’ response against their partner of the ANZUS Alliance was the use of threats, blackmail and strongarm tactics to ‘convince’ Bob Hawke that it was not in his best interest to pursue such a policy.
Bob Hawke was surely mindful of what was dealt to Gough Whitlam only eight years earlier and compromised his principles and those of his constituency for those of expediency.

Both, Bob Hawke and David Lange were lucky and remained in office and neither suffered an untimely death, unlike others as Aldo Moro and some thirty others who met an untimely death at the hands of the US’ long arm, while in all the CIA attempted to assassinate over fifty heads of state deemed a nuisance or obstacle to US ‘interests’.

The same Marshall Green who solved the Whitlam ‘problem’ was previously responsible for the overthrow of Sukarno in Indonesia in 1965 and saw the US’ puppet strongman Suharto installed who along with the CIA massacred close to a million ‘undesirable’ people in Indonesia.

South Korea
The same point man previously just finished a stint in South Korea where General Park Chung Hee staged a military coup which saw SK ruled by US backed military Juntas for nearly three decades.

Central America
The US has a long tradition of training its ‘diplomats’ as experts in violent protests, initiating civil unrest, staging coups and Regime Change, and starting civil wars.

There is John Negroponte who famously, as Ambassador to Honduras, was instrumental in the formation of the Death Squads known as Contras, who hailed from Honduras to fight the Sandinista Government in Nicaragua. They were financed, armed and equipped by the US with the proceeds from the Iran-Contra affair cash where the US covertly sold arms to Iran.
In all well over 200,000 innocent people were massacred by these US sponsored Death Squads across Central America in the countries of Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

Then there is Robert Stephen Ford, who learned the ropes under Negroponte in Baghdad, where they jointly repeated the formation of Death Squad terrorism, this time against Iraqi civilians and anyone deemed undesirable.

The ‘Sectarian Violence’ in Iraq is in fact US terrorism.
The US troops stage road checks and ask drivers into an office to check their papers and while away from their vehicle, mostly pickups loaded with goods to the market, an explosive device is planted and then exploded at the most carnage producing time.
This is then vociferously denounced as 'barbaric sectarian violence’ by the craven perpetrators themselves; the US!
Drivers lucky and alert enough to survive this ordeal reported such experience by the scores. One driver was told to go and report to the central police station where at the very same time a large gathering of new recruits was assembled. Luckily he spotted the bomb under his vegetables as he suspected foul play from the Americans.
However they did succeed with another unwitting victim and slaughtered scores of young, innocent Iraqi men, willing to bring some law and order into their society, destroyed by the invading Americans.

Ford was dispatched to Damascus in Syria to repeat the slaughter with Death Squads which morphed into all kinds of Wahhabi Terrorist groupings, of which there are scores, all armed, financed and supported by the US, the so called ‘moderates’.

Then there was the bloody, violent coup in Kiev which saw Nazis and Fascist put into power, personally selected by Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt, all revealed in a leaked phone conversation.
This coup, now repugnantly branded the ‘revolution of dignity’, was organised out of the US Embassy in Kiev where seminars were held on how to organise protests and mobilise large numbers of people to partake in such faux protests which are more aptly dubbed orgies of violence.
During the protests the CIA/Blackwater undercover snipers were deployed to shoot at protesters and police alike to frame the government with the massacre.

Global Terrorism & Regime Change
These same tactics were employed in every staged ‘uprising’ and protest, organised by the US via its terror network, the US Embassies; in Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, Caracas, Bangkok, Tripoli etc.
But then the US would just as easily use their embassy to instigate civil unrest and deploy snipers in the streets of Wellington, Canberra, Lima, Tokyo or Kuala Lumpur etc to install a puppet regime; but lucky, these countries already have puppet traitors in government!

All the ‘Colour Revolutions’ and the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings were staged and organised this way by the US through its embassies and front organisations to funnel and disperse cash to buy off traitors and subversives.


The US Embassies around the globe represent the biggest Terrorist Network on the planet, in fact the US gives its CIA ops diplomatic cover, and in some countries where there are large numbers of US military present due to US military bases, they also use the military as cover.
Perhaps a quarter to a third of all ‘diplomatic staff’ are in fact CIA ops, this is of course strictly against every protocol, but then again, the US cares little to absolutely nothing about International Laws, Conventions and Agreements it solemnly signed.

The US has waged a war of Terrorism against its own ‘friends’, allies, and foes alike.

Italy and Europe
Operation Gladio was conducted all across Europe, particularly in Italy to discredit leftist and communist parties.
The Red Brigades was part of the Operation Gladio and its leader was an asset of the CIA.


The Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was not as ‘lucky’ as Gough Whitlam who only lost his job as Australian PM, Aldo Moro was assassinated by the US, because he negotiated with the communists who won big in recent elections and then for fear that he would reveal ‘State Secrets’, while in captivity by their proxy terrorists, the Red Brigades.
He was kidnapped on his way to Parliament on the 16 of March 1978 to vote on the inclusion of the Communist Party who, with a huge 25% mandate from the electorate, could not be ignored.
This was a ‘mortal sin’ the arbiter of everything, the US, could not tolerate and thus he was murdered; his body was found riddled with bullets in the back of a car on the 9 of May 1978.
During the kidnapping his five bodyguards were killed, yet all founding members of the Red Brigade were in jail at the time, but the US terrorist network has seemingly unlimited supply of undercover ops to carry out its terrorism and assassinations.
Henry Kissinger directly threatened Aldo Moro when he told him on a visit to the US: “You must abandon your policy of bringing all the political forces in your country into direct collaboration, or you will pay dearly for it.”

The scope of Operation Gladio is enormous and includes assassinations, terrorism, coups and subversion of every kind:

Winston Churchill creates Special Operations Executive (SOE) to carry out subversive operations in enemy held territory.
After WWII the Stay-Behind armies are created and merged with SOE.

France creates "Western Union Clandestine Committee" (WUCC) to coordinate secret unorthodox warfare. It is then incorporated into NATO as “Clandestine Planning Committee” (CPC) after NATO was founded in 1949.

Turkey military, in cahoots with secret armies stages a coup d’état and kill Prime Minister Adnan Menderes.

Italy, Gladio stages a coup; General Giovanni de Lorenzo in Operation 'Piano Solo’ forces the Italian Socialist Ministers to leave the government.

Charles de Gaulle decries the US’ terrorism across Europe and expels NATO’s HQ.

Greece; Gladio’s Stay-Behind army ‘Hellenic Raiding Force’ takes control of the Greek Defence Ministry and stages a military coup, installing the right wing dictatorship of Georgios Papadopoulos.

Mocambique: Portugese Gladio branch Aginter Press assassinates Eduardo Mondlane, President of the Mocambique liberation party and leader of the FRELIMO movement (Frente de Liberacao de Mocambique).

Italy, Milan; Gladio stages the Piazza Fontana massacre; 16 killed, 80 wounded.

Turkey; the military stages a coup d’état and takes over power. The stay-behind army ‘Counter-Guerrilla’ engages in domestic terror and kills hundreds.

In Italy a bomb explodes in a car near the village Peteano killing three Carabinieri. The terror, first blamed on the left, is later traced back to right-wing terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra and the Italian stay-behind code named Gladio.

Italy: A massacre during an anti-fascist demonstration in Brescia kills eight & injures and maims 102, while a bomb in the Rome to Munich train “Italicus Express”, kills 12 and injures and maims 48.

In Italy General Vito Miceli, chief of the military secret service, is arrested on charges of subversive conspiracy against the state and reveals the NATO stay-behind secret army during trial.

Turkey: The stay-behind army ‘Counter-Guerrilla’ attacks a demonstration of 500,000 in Istanbul by opening fire at the speaker's platform leaving thirty-eight killed and hundreds injured.

Spain: The secret stay-behind army with support of Italian right-wing terrorists carries out the Atocha massacre in Madrid and in an attack on a lawyer's office closely linked to the Spanish Communist party kill five people.

In Italy former Prime Minister and leader of the Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro, is taken hostage in Rome by an armed secret unit and killed 55 days later because he wanted to include the Italian Communists in the government.

Italy: A bomb explodes in the waiting room of the second class at the Bologna railway station, killing 85 and seriously injuring and maiming a further 200. Investigators trace the crime back to right-wing terrorists.

Turkey: The commander of the stay-behind army Counter-Guerrilla, General Kenan Evren, stages a military coup and seizes power.

In Germany a large stay-behind arsenal is being discovered near the German village of Uelzen in the Lüneburger Heide. Right wing extremists are alleged to have used the arsenal in the previous year to carry out a massacre during the Munich October beer festival killing 13 and wounding 213

In the Netherlands strollers in the forest discover a large arms cache near the Dutch village Velp and force the government to confirm that the arms were related to NATO planning for unorthodox warfare.

In Turkey the stay-behind army Counter-Guerrilla fights against the Kurds and kills and tortures thousands in the following years.

In Italy right-wing terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra in court reveals Operation Gladio and the involvement of NATO’s stay-behind army in acts of terrorism in Italy designed to discredit the communists. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

In Belgium a secret army attacks and shoots shoppers in supermarkets randomly in the Brabant county killing twenty-eight and leaving many wounded. Investigations link the terror to a conspiracy among the Belgian stay-behind SDRA8, the Belgian Gendarmerie SDRA6, the Belgian right-wing group Westland New Post, and the Pentagon secret service Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
This is but a snapshot of the staggering array of atrocities, crimes against humanity, terrorism, coups, assassinations and mass-murder the USG in cahoots with European Governments and/or their Secret Services perpetrated against their own citizens and then blamed them on leftist patsies and Gaddafi et al!

The CIA/Operation Gladio used gangs like the Baader Meinhof Gang in Germany, the Red Brigades in Italy, ETA in Spain and the IRA in Northern Ireland to take the blame for many of the terrorist atrocities they perpetrated themselves to discredit these organisations and all leftist groups and their sympathisers.

Also Gaddafi was used to take the blame for some of their atrocities, claiming that he was arming, funding and directing all these ‘terrorist groups’.
The most high profile of these was Pan Am flight 103, which was a CIA inside job where one group of wide eyed CIA Ops discovered that another group was dealing in drugs and this enthusiastic rooky team was on board flight 103 back to Langley to report this travesty. The drug dealing faction made sure they never reached there with all the evidence in their baggage.
The evidence is incontrovertible, the bomb was planted during the London stopover in the international zone, smuggled and planted into luggage checked in at Frankfurt, an area not accessible to the Libyans or any ordinary would-be terrorist, but only to well connected insiders like CIA and Mossad.

By all accounts Operation Gladio has never stopped and is continuing unabated under many different guises.

As we have seen, there are no grassroots, independent 'Terrorists', they are all controlled by Governments from the US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany etc through their array of secret services and contractors.
All the recent bombings and terrorist attacks in Paris, Belgium, Turkey and across Europe, the Middle East and the US must be seen in this light; they are all parallel operations with the use of patsies who take the blame while the real terrorists are the government's secret services and contractors who carry out the actual attacks!

◆ Terrorism by any other name!

On July 3, 1988 the US Cruiser Vincennes, while illegally in Iranian territorial waters shot down the Iranian Jet IR655, killing 260 innocent Iranian civilians on board.
USS Vincennes Captain was awarded the Legion of Merit for the murder of 260 Iranians

USS Vincennes Captain was awarded the Legion of Merit
for the murder of 260 innocent Iranian civilians

To underscore the US’ contempt, loathing and disdain for Iran and the Iranian people, the USG/Military awarded the entire crew with Combat-Action Ribbons and the captain, Will Rogers III, who perpetrated this atrocity, specifically was awarded the Legion of Merit for this Crime against Humanity!
This was a clear-cut setup from start to finish, the Vincennes deliberately strayed illegally into Iranian territorial waters so as to have an excuse to shoot down any Iranian Aircraft approaching the Cruiser, who surely would come to attack the intruding vessel.
Any aircraft would do to get the heroic glory this captain so desperately craved for, a civilian passenger plane full of women and kids would do just fine.
After all, one can always claim that it was in self-defence as the pilot of the civilian plane didn’t respond to ‘repeated’ calls – so the fabricated lies go!
And after all they are just Iranians, and the USG has vilified them for decades, at least since the 1953 Coup, where the CIA/MI6 overthrew democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq to install their puppet Shah, and has systematically turned Iranians into something lesser than humans; sub-humans and evil doers.
This is standard modus operandi to prepare an obtuse, brainwashed American and Global public for war against these lesser, expendable beings.

Along the lines of this atrocity we find a whole string of planes being shot down for the sake of terrorism and for a bevy of nefarious aims.
MH17, by any closer examination was a plot hatched at the highest levels in DC, the WH and Langley.

It is inconceivable that the Ukrainians alone, or the deranged Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in conjunction with elements in the Kiev Nazi Junta were singularly behind this atrocity, as Kolomoisky now boasts he did.
This was a well hatched, prepared and executed travesty of human decency and was most likely signed off at the highest level in DC.
Experts analysing events, facts and data all conclude that the USG is behind this crime and every fact points to this being so.

Then the disappearance of MH370 is fraught with inconsistencies, retractions, denials, reversals and transparent cover ups that it becomes clear that the US has something sinister to hide.


The US didn’t supply a single shred of evidence about the events which would have led to solving this ‘mystery’ disappearance, while every country which had some scrap of radar tracking, sightings, or anything else to contribute made it public.
But not the US, which is boasting that nothing on the planet escapes its watchful spy network, with a myriad of spy satellites and listening posts from Pine Gap to Diego Garcia and in every corner covering the globe.
Inmarsat, which famously came up with the data and the possible arches of the final location of MH370, would have the greatest difficulty claiming that they were an independent agency while all their contracts are with the US and UK governments, and their data has been seriously questioned by scientists.

♦ Proxy False Flag Terrorism

There are no Muslim Terrorist which act out of their own accord, and in the name of Islam, as is claimed by western Governments and incessantly portrayed in their puppet bullhorn MSM.
All ‘Islamic’ terrorists are USG assets handled by the CIA and nurtured in Saudi funded Madrassas which teach a completely perverted form of Islam, more akin to Judaism.


In fact the Saudi Arabian Royal clan, founded by Ibn Saud, is Jewish by descent and their Wahhabi cult is a cooperative fabrication by Jewish Muhammad Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab and a British spy agent who jointly contrived this perverted version based on Judaism but connivingly dubbed Islamic.
Most of the funds for the barbaric terrorism in Syria comes from the Saudis and Qatar and the logistics, arms, training, support and command structure is provided by the US and its assets through CIA/Blackwater, Israel and NATO allies.
The long list of Terrorist Attacks attributed to various groupings can all be traced back to these actors behind the scene: US, UK, Israel, NATO and Saudi Arabia.

In his 2011 book 'Coups et blessures' former French foreign minister Roland Dumas reveals that “The “Israelis” are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them!”
With this one revelation he outed the Mossad to be behind most of the Terrorist False Flag attacks plaguing western Europe.
Equally the Israelis, via their control over the US, also have enormous power over the UK government and its spy services MI5/MI6, as they do over the German Government and its BND.
The US and Israel can, for all intents and purposes, be treated as one, since Israel and the Israeli/Jewish lobby in the US virtually have total control over the USG. This extends to all the security agencies from CIA, NSA, NRA, DIA, ONI to every other one of the myriad of security and spy agencies. Their control over WS banks and the Think Tanks is enormous, whereas AIPAC is only the most visible one but others like the CFR, Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution etc obey the dictated of this 'deep state government'; the real power.
Oklahoma Bombing, which caused the death of 168 innocent people was a classic parallel operation, so much so that patsy Timothy McVeigh didn't realise that it wasn't him who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building with his fertiliser truck bomb, but was in fact blown up, by all accounts by the CIA, from within, as suppressed forensic evidence clearly showed.
The report by US Air Force munitions expert, General Partin stated that beyond any reasonable doubt the building was blown up from within, but Congress, the Media and the Judiciary all completely ignored it as it would have implicated the USG itself, and its agency the CIA, for this atrocity!
What this furthermore shows is the compete debauchery and corruption of the entire Oligarchy in power, which, when presented with the stark, indisputable facts, will nevertheless proceed to sneer and affront the bearers of truth, close ranks and provide cover for their system of tyranny over the people.

2001 9/11 Twin Tower Attack
This was the mother of all False Flag Operations, carried out by insiders in the USG with the aid of Mossad. There remains not a single shred of doubt about who perpetrated this atrocity.
It was also a classic parallel operation, where the patsies were strung along in the belief that they were going to commit some act of terrorism, while some never even made it to the planes which took off but were all diverted to a military base where the passengers were loaded onto one single plane which then was blown up over the hills of Pennsylvania, while the real terrorist attack was carried out by remote controlled drones. This is not the official fake 'plane crash site' where no plane ever crashed, but further up in the hills where the real crash took place. The most callous, cold blooded murder if there ever was one!

2002 Bali Bombing
Jemaah Islamiah was blamed for this bombing but evidence proves that it could not have been any grassroots terrorist grouping acting on their own as the real explosive device used was a micro nuke, the kind Israel developed and has used in the 9/11 attacks and elsewhere.
Even former Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid questions the official version and says that he suspects official involvement.
In fact Umar Abduh, who is a former undercover agent says that he helped set up Jemaah Islamiah and “There is not a single Islamic group either in the movement or the political groups that is not controlled by intelligence”

2004 Madrid Train Bombing
Even the Spanish MSM press now questions the official version which makes no sense at all. First it was blamed on ETA then some undefined Muslim terrorist grouping and AQ.
As in all such cases the alleged perpetrators have absolutely nothing to gain from terrorism but everything to lose from sympathy to legitimacy to being caught and incarcerated for very lengthy spells.

2005 7/7 London Underground Bombing
Clearly a joint operation between MI6 and Mossad as has been revealed by several insiders.

15 April 2013 Boston Bombing
Entrapment/Patsy FFOp

7 January 2015 Charlie Hebdo Shooting
False flag

13 November 2015 Paris Attacks
False Flag

2 Dec. 2015 San Bernardino Shooting
Clearly another FFOp carried out by undercover CIA mercenaries.

The list of FFOps is a very long one indeed but it is abundantly clear that governments in general and the US/Israeli governemnts in particular are the main perpetrators behind all of them.
Doubters are invited to read reams of books, documents, interviews, whistleblower's testimony and even official statements, confession and records, which all confirm that terrorism are government crimes perpetrated against their own people in pursuit of the complete destruction of individual freedoms and implementing a totalitarian police state, and eventually a One World Government.

◆ The World Wide MSM, Main Stream Media

There are really only two main global news outlets; Reuters and AP.
Reuters is owned by the Rothschild clan and AP is owned by Reuters! So, the wholesale news dissemination business is concentrated with one single entity.

All major news networks in the US and globally are Jewish owned, many or most European News conglomerates are Jewish owned, like for instance the Swedish Bonnier Family which owns many of the Scandinavian press and TV networks.
Must Watch: German Journalist reveals that the World Wide Media is US Controlled and disseminates nothing but Lies.This is repeated globally and add to this that the CIA, BND and MI5/6 are embedded in many of the news organisations and/or write propaganda articles and then force journalists to put their name to it or lose their jobs, we have a totally controlled, manipulated and compromised world wide news service!

The lies planted in one newspaper via the CIA are then picked up and repeated globally and none of the Main Stream Media, MSM, dare to challenge lies thus planted and disseminated globally for fear of being ostracised and isolated; it is self-censorship by way of conforming with the Jewish controlled mega News Corporations which dominate the propaganda racket globally.
Today we have these media whores doing exactly the same as they’ve always have done; vilify, warmonger and lie people into war!
It was so in WW1, in WW2, in Korea, Viet Nam, Central America, Iran, now Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Russia – always based on the same insolent lies and fabrications.
The ‘papers’ full of hate and lies which the Think Tanks churn out by the scores are taken as gospel by the MSM and referenced as if they were transmitting the bona fide truth.
So we have a virtual, global hologram created by the MSM which presents a world upside down, where the villains are heroes, where heroes are villains and the US is always the saint.

◆ Sanctions, Financial Warfare and other dirty tricks.

The US uses sanctions as the ‘righteous gentleman’s warfare’!
But don't be fooled, they are meant to be destructive and lethal and are designed to destroy a country and its society economically from within.

Unilateral sanctions were imposed on Iran based on lies after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. As under the democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq, who was deposed in a coup by the CIA/MI6, Iran wanted a fair deal for its oil, and since the exploiters from the UK and US didn’t accede the Iranians justified demands, took the only course left to them and nationalised the oil industry.
Then after the Iranians eliminated all oil sales in US dollars and started their own bourse to trade their natural resource, a new round of intensified sanctions was imposed and Iranian banks were blocked from using the SWIFT system.
Again all based on conjured up lies; Iran was allegedly attempting to build a nuclear bomb and was supporting terrorism!

Iraq was placed under crippling sanctions after the first Gulf war of 1991 which caused the death of some 1.5 million Iraqis including half a million children.
Saddam was tricked into invading Kuwait to stop the Kuwaitis from siphoning off his oil as he alleged, and the US gave tacit approval by stating that this was a matter between him and Kuwait.

Sanctions are presently in place on countries as diverse as Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran - being progressively lifted, North Korea for daring to make sure there is no repeat of the genocide the US inflicted on this country in the 1950s by developing nuclear deterrent to US aggression, and of course Syria who is the victim of the most barbaric proxy war the US has ever waged.

The faces behind the Financial Crimes against Humanity, Wall Street, the Fed, BIS and ESF

Financial Terrorists by any other name

The US Federal Reserve, the ESF (Exchange Stabilisation Fund) and the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) all maintain Trading Floors.
Yes these 'esteemed' institutions trade in Futures and the very nature of Futures Markets is manipulative, in fact Futures Markets ARE the manipulation.
All three are in reality one and the same; all follow the orders of the same masters, the MIC/WS oligarchy.
These three market manipulators, along with the WS Banks and the CME/Comex, collectively conspire to rig every single Futures Market, from oil, FX, Gold, Silver and every commodity which is traded, all at the expense of the productive people so this parasitic bankster matrix can rape and plunder these productive people.
The deranged pundits in DC literally believe that their very own 1934 Gold Reserve Act gives them the right to unilaterally rig globally traded markets, which set the price for commodities as diverse as Gold and Pork Bellies for every producer on the planet.
The ESF was set up as part of this act and is a secretive, accountable to no one Trading Unit, with only the Secretary of the Treasury and the President having insight to what their activities are.
This unilateral, criminal, ‘beggar thy neighbour’ behaviour is symptomatic of he US’ conduct in all its affairs.
The TPP is replete with laws and regulations to which other countries must align themselves with, while the ISDS is a unilateral takeover, where the ultimate arbiters over regulations, rules and laws of all the member countries are the corporate lawyers, who act as Judge, Jury and Executioners in disputes between David Countries and Goliath Multinational Corporations.

Through FX rigging the currencies of countries like Russia and Venezuela are severely devalued with the aim of destroying their economies and bringing about Regime Change. Equally the rigging of oil prices is designed to destroy the same countries’ economies as they are dependent on revenue from this commodity. Oil has been forced down from $120 to $30 in less than a year.

The parasitic Banksters have conspired to destroy Gold ever since the 1960s when they maintained the London Gold Pool and have so ever since. It is designed to destroy the productive people's money, since Gold prevents Banksters from the unlimited usury, crimes and fraud they can perpetrate under their privately owned fiat currency system.
Gold is the only form of Money which has withstood the test of time, while the Banksters' fiat currency is doomed to self-implode due to the very nature of its parasitic makeup, requiring eternal, exponential growth in a finite world.


The parasitic WS Banksters thus wage an unremitting war against Gold and its cousin, Silver, in a bid to excise it from the monetary system once and for all. However, Gold is making a comeback and these villains are desperate after they've looted and stolen tens of thousands of tons of Gold from sovereign and customers' accounts and sold it several hundred times over at lower prices.
This is the ultimate crime against the productive people of the entire planet, since what they're defending is their privately owned, parasitic and criminal fiat currency system which is at the core of all the wars, death and destruction on the planet!

From behind a veil of complete secrecy, obfuscation and false data releases, these market riggers, acting in cahoots with the real powers on the planet, criminally conspire to destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe, while profiteering by the trillions on the back of their misery, since they are doing the rigging and know exactly every market move in advance and thus are always positioned to profiteer.

When on the 29 Oct, 2014 the Fed announced that they had ceased QE it was of course just another deception and lie.
What they in fact conspired is to force the Japanese to buy their toxic Treasury junk instead. The BoJ almost simultaneously announced that it would print unlimited amounts of Yen and that the Japanese Government Pension Fund would buy toxic US Treasury junk, while the BoJ would buy the Pension fund's assets; a One-Two Punch merry go round where only the US wins.
Japan is a vassal of the US and must do what it’s told, regardless whether it makes economic sense or is advantageous for Japan.
Of late European countries, as data shows, were also forced into buying this worthless confetti paper to support Satan’s currency, the US Dollar of Death and Destruction.

VP Biden admitted that the US had to
apply 'arm twisting' to get the
Europeans to sanction Russia

This is another form of economic warfare against its own ‘friends and allies’, of which the US has none, they are merely all subjugated vassal states cowered into obedience through arm twisting, threats and blackmail.
Being loaded up on this worthless Treasury junk paper, these countries are hitched to the fortunes of the US and its diabolical currency and thus are forced to support the US Dollar of exploitation, death and destruction.
The TPP/TTIP are designed to achieve the exact same state of vassalage to the US and its oppressive empire of exploitation.

At the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, the US, under the stewardship (dictate) of Roosevelt, and particularly his Secretary of Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., not only gave itself the World Reserve Currency status, it dictated the terms of a monetary system which is exploitative, parasitic and iniquitous in its nature in every respect.

The IMF and WB came out of this meeting and they are every bit as predatory, parasitic and criminal as the Fed, BIS and WS Banksters, with the IMF being a vehicle to literally rape and plunder entire countries foolish enough to get into debt to this rapacious puppet institution to the WS Banksters.
The US had acquired some 21,000 tons of Gold through confiscation and the payments in Gold, demanded from the UK and allies for war supplies, so it was in a position to dictate the terms of the post war monetary system.
By granting itself the status of World Reserve Currency where all commodities are traded in US Dollars, and every country needed to hold their reserves in this currency, the US usurped the ultimate power over world economic affairs. And it used this nefarious system to exploit every country on the planet with every facet this discriminatory system affords the incumbent pasha owning this system.

UN figures reveal that between 1950 and 2005 alone the world has suffered a genocide of a staggering 1.3 billion Avoidable Deaths.
Taking figures separately they show that 82 million deaths are directly attributable to the US alone due to its criminal Wars of aggression.
But the total of 1.3 billion avoidable deaths are mainly attributable to the fact that the US grabbed control over the monetary system and has systematically exploited the planet, waged war after war to subjugate every corner of the globe in order to install puppet tyrants who will let the US exploit their country at will.


This constant warfare, the fact that the third world is ruled by despots installed by the US, and the exploitative nature of the monetary system has left most countries destitute, underdeveloped and at the mercy of its colonial masters, the US, and also to a lesser extent the UK and France.
Through lack of sanitation, malnutrition, inadequate medical care and lack of job opportunities because these countries are prevented from developing their own industrial base to process and add value to their resources and raw materials, these nations have suffered a genocide of enormous proportions directly attributable to the US due to its exploitative, aggressive, oppressive and warmongering nature.

Tricky Dicky Liar: "I temporarily suspended
the convertibility of $$$ into Gold to
defend the Dollar against the speculators!"

Not content with this sordid state of affairs, in 1971 the US unilaterally reneged on the hallowed undertaking, solemnly signed in ink at Bretton Woods, that it would honour the backing of the US$ with Gold and that every sovereign country had the right to redeem its Dollars for Gold.
This set the Dollar free to be printed with abandon to fund their gigantic military and wage ever more wars on humanity and maintain 900 bases globally to keep the planet subjugated and in vassalage to the US.
But then the US has never honoured any contractual obligation and is the only serial reneger and unilateral breaker of every contract signed by them, that is, besides its terrible twin, Israel.

The US respects no friends, no allies nor sovereignty, they will not tolerate anything but total subservience and vassalage and will go to war against the closest of ‘friend’ on the whim of the slightest of divergence from their dictate!

◆ Power Structure

The US is a top-down tyranny as opposed to what democracy ordinarily would dictate where the productive people decide what policies, laws and actions should be implemented. As former President Jimmy Carter quipped; “The US as presently not a functioning democracy.”
Sorry Mr. President, the US never had democracy, the moneyed powers always called the shots.
But to be fair to Carter, today it is so blatant, glaringly obvious and contemptuous that but only the blind and brainwashed would fail to recognise it.
The Power Structure in the US; Wall Street Banksters at the top of the pyramid, then their Think Tanks and all their appointee moles in government and bought off politician whores
The exact power structure controlling the US is one of a somewhat seemingly dispersed nature, but in the final analysis it is concentrated with the same actors who exercise a complete, tight grip on power; the ones who control the money!

At the top of this food-chain are the Banksters and the owners of the mega WS Banksters, the Stockholders, Directors and its appointees as CEOs.
It is impossible to pinpoint one source of supreme power, it is not solely vested with the Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff or Rockefeller clans etc, though they're sure to have undue influence through shareholdings, directorships and appointees, but overall the direct power rests with the moneyed Oligarchy and WS Banksters due to their control over immense wealth and the MIC, their appointees in Government directly, and via its bribery, legal and official, and illegal and unofficial, and their funded 'Think Tanks'!


Lobbyists disperse about $10 billion annually to the 535 Congressmen and women, so it is a very well 'oiled' democracy; the worst on the planet money can buy!
WS Banksters directly write legislation which is then enacted into law unamended to furnish laws and regulations which suit them perfectly, and they get their ‘Think Tanks’ to write what they demand and again this is enacted into law via a bought off Congress completely in their pockets thanks to billions of bribes.
The President, himself selected not elected, is given the appointees to his cabinet who are all industry hacks, and he himself is literally railroaded into every decision he takes.
It takes an astute character with a strong moral compass and a spine of steel to resist all the pressure and blackmail a President finds himself confronted with, the last one in living memory, who was for the best part pushing back on most fronts, was JFK, and he paid the ultimate price for his efforts to make this world a better place.

The Think Tanks like the CFR, Rand Corporation, the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council, AIPAC and a myriad of such quasi shadow governments are all funded, staffed and controlled by the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) which includes the parasitic WS Banksters.
They ultimately hold collectively all the power, but they are all of one and the same mind; ultimate Power and profiteering at the expense of the productive people, the Tax Payer.

Thus every criminal war of aggression is hatched by these Think Tanks who write papers outlining what 'needs to be implemented' by their puppets in Congress and the WH.
They churn out reams of ‘papers’ vilifying their enemy, like Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Putin, Chavez etc and the countries they represent, in a bid to de-humanise them and to pave the way for an obtuse, unapprised flock of sheep to accept the ‘need to intervene’ on behalf of the poor citizens of these countries.

Samantha Power, protagonist behind
R2P in Libya which led to its destruction
& 600,000 massacred

The papers churned out by the Think Tanks are all nothing but litanies of brazen lies from beginning to end, but they serve their odious purpose in a zombie world where a hologram of virtual reality, depicting the US as the heroic saviour has been imposed over the Crimes and Atrocities the US perpetrates under the guise of R2P (Responsibility to Protect)!
These lies are all unquestioningly adopted and repeated by the entire global MSM (Main Stream Media), which are all owned and controlled by the same moneyed powers who also control and own the MIC.

To illustrate how the MIC is working to profiteer from the death and destruction the US is wreaking across the planet it is instructive to examine why the US supports Israel with $3 billion military aid annually, which is soon to rise to $4.5bn. (The total financial support Israel gets from the US Taxpayer is closer to $15bn pa)
The $3bn is tagged as arms purchases from the MIC in the US, so the grant comes straight back into their coffers, but of course all this cash to purchase death and destruction originated from the hard working productive people, the US Tax payer! The illegal squatter colony on Palestinian land, which they call Israel, then goes and tests the MIC's new ordnance and weapons systems on live Palestinians, massacring thousands and destroying their cities and homes by the tens of thousands.
Incomprehensible Evil by
Zionist Squatter Colony

Gaza: The Mass-Murder, Death & Destruction financed by US Taxpayer to enrich the wealthy MIC/WS Vultures

Thus new Anti-Personnel tactical Nukes are tested on Palestinians, as radiation signatures testify to in Gaza and also Fallujah, Iraq.
There is a convergence of interests between the MIC and the Zionist squatter colony; the MIC gets to profiteer over the death, destruction, misery and suffering of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine and the Zionists get ever closer to their stated aim of exterminating every single Palestinian from their own homeland.

The profiteers from Death & Destruction, paid for by the productive people, the Tax Payer!

The wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and all the countries before that, all had multiple purposes; for one they were in defence of the US$, and then it enriched the MIC via arms purchases by the US and its NATO co War-Criminals.
It also served to install puppet regimes to let the MIC rape and plunder these countries and prise open its economy and banking system so the MIC/WS Vultures could rape and plunder these countries at will.

♦ The USG lies itself into every war:

US – Spanish War
The US was warmongering and vilifying the Spanish who had control over Cuba with the grossest of lies, fearing their Sugar Cane exploitation racket was in jeopardy.
There was also an indigenous revolutionary movement which sought independence from Spain active at the time.
So the US sent their battle ship the USS Maine to Havana harbour under the pretext to protect American citizens where it exploded on the 15th February 1898. There are two competing theories as to why the ship exploded and sank, one is an external mine which sank it, the other is an internal spontaneous combustion either from the coal bunker or the ammunition arsenal itself exploded.
Either way, it is most likely to be some kind of pre-mediated False Flag or at the very least the misuse of an incident for which the Spanish were in the least responsible.
It was the pretext to war which saw the Spanish defeated and the US in possession of Cuba, Guam, the Philippines, Hawaii and Puerto Rico – the foundations of the US Empire!

Invasion of Veracruz, Mexico 1914

JD Rockefeller and his Standard Oil, along with Texaco, were pumping oil out of Mexico and was loathed to pay the fair taxes President Victoriano Huerta was demanding, so a highly orchestrated, perverse and utterly contrived incident was staged as a ruse to set the casus belli for war with Mexico.
The US thus planned an invasion of Mexico for months before they sent the USS Dolphin to dock in Tampico, Mexico and had soldiers break the law by intruding into restricted areas of the harbor.

Staged casus belli for another Oil War!

Naturally these lawbreakers were arrested but immediately released after an hour and a half, as the Mexicans were well aware of what was being conspired by the US.
At the same time the German steamer SS Ypiranga was about to deliver armaments to the Mexican government under siege of an ongoing (convoluted civil) ‘Regime Change War’ by the US, so the US President, on orders from his handlers, made the outrageous and impossible demands that Mexico apologize and fire a 21 Gun Salute to the ‘aggrieved’ soldiers.
Huerta agreed to tender an apology but declined to kowtow that low and fire the 21 Gun Salute as demanded.
This of course was pre-planned calculation to produce the casus belli for that war these ‘Oiligarchs’ wanted, to rid Mexico of another uncooperative President, which they just installed a year before, and replace him with another puppet who would let Vulture companies like Texaco and Standard Oil rape and plunder Mexico of its natural resources, just as in Venezuela today and in Iran since 1951.

General Smedley Butler who belatedly
awakened to what the War-Racket really
is all about and what an obtuse fool he
and all of military really are; performing
mass-murder on a pack of lies for the
moneyed oligarchy to profiteer!

Interestingly though, the US just the year before had overthrown the first democratically elected President of Mexico, Francisco Madero, who demanded a 3 Centavo per barrel royalty tax on Oil, and installed Huerta as their puppet, but which turned out to be not prostrate enough for the insatiable greed and demands of the US and its de-facto rulers; the US Oil Barons.
Huerta also wanted a tax be paid for the Oil these looters were raping from Mexico.
(Madero in turn previously emerged from stage one of the Mexican Revolution and replaced longtime dictator Porfirio Diaz, who was also a brutal US puppet and who let Mexico be raped and plundered by US Corporations, while enriching himself at the expense of the poor masses of Mexico.)

This War was long in the planning and served its purpose of preventing the rise of Germany, which had recently united to become a formidable economic and geopolitical force, rivalling that of the parasitic UK which owed its 'greatness' (Great Britain) to the theft and looting of trillions from their colonies like India and many more around the globe.
Cecil Rhodes, William Stead and Alfred Milner through their Round Table secret society, acting on behalf of their benefactor Rothschild, organised governments to bring about WWI with the ultimate aim of the destruction of Germany.
In the US, connected groups of the same bent, lobbied for War and guided their Puppet Woodrow Wilson into this first mechanized global war of the most horrific barbarity, death and destruction.
So depraved were these psychopaths behind this war that when, by 1916 the belligerent armies were on the brink of exhaustion and starvation, they ordered the US supply rations to BOTH sides so as to prolong the war, death and destruction, and thus their profiteering over all this misery and suffering.
The purposes of this, and the next and all other wars, was also to traumatize global humanity and to put them into a perpetual state of fear and psychosis, so these psychopaths in power could, and did, implement a total tyranny and brainwashing of humanity.
For this they took control of global news dissemination, education, medicine and governments and everything else on the back of their control of WS Banks, where they can simply conjour up currency out of thin air and buy up everything, including governments, secret services, armies and the entire global economy!

Norman Dodd of the Reece Committee exposes the diabolical plots of the
early 20th century 'Deep State'!

Many of these facts are contained in the Reece Committee's report of 1954 which investigated Tax Exempt Foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, and Guggenheim Foundation, and further looked into what the John Dewey Society, the United Nations Association and the Council on Foreign Relations conspired.

Members of the Reece Committee were accused of ‘Anti-Semitism’, ostensibly on the grounds that one member was in possession of a book deemed to be ‘Anti-Semitic’.
However it is abundantly clear that all the ‘Foundations’ investigated were in fact Jewish controlled and which pursued and served the exact same agenda spelled out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, spelled out in the instructions to Adam Weishaupt by Rothschild for the formation of the Illuminati in 1776, spelled out in the Jewish Talmud, described in the writings of Caroll Quigley who recorded in great detail the conspiracy of the Elites in his books The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden and Tragedy and Hope and which spans across all the conspirators from the WS-City Banking Cabal, the secret Societies, the BIS, the moneyed elites and all their sycophants and coolies in politics, academia, the media and everywhere where they serve the agenda of their paymasters.

The sinking of he Lusitania was by all accounts a False Flag operation to draw the US into the war. On every crossing the Lusitania and the entire convoy was escorted with frigates and destroyers and once near the Irish Sea was always met with British escorts for protection. But not on the last crossing when it was sunk, either by German U Boots or most likely the British themselves.

To cover up the facts as to how, why and who really was behind WWI, the victorious powers raked the entire archives of government documents, diplomatic cables, cabinet notes, minutes of conversations and everything else, from all the belligerent countries and then destroyed much of it and sequestered the rest away from public scrutiny to this day.

In archives which still contain some pertinent documents of the time from WWI and WWII, researchers find pages missing, simply ripped out, which would conclusively proof who the culprits and perpetrators really are behind all these Crimes against Humanity and how they achieve this via their compliant and complicit coolies in Governments, the Military, Secret Services, Education, the Media, Academia and many more paid off sycophants and puppet whores.
However a coherent picture can unequivocally be painted on the grounds of existing and overlooked evidence that all these wars are contrived and foisted onto an ever more obtuse, unapprised, bewildered and brainwashed productive humanity by these parasites in their gilded ivory towers, built on the raped and plundered loot from the productive people they so despise and attempt to exterminate by countless means.

This destruction of evidence alone should raise red flags that the conspirators behind all these wars don’t want the truth to be known or else their centuries old scheme to enslave humanity in a One World Government (i.e. Tyranny), through War after War, Death & Destruction of hundreds of millions of productive lives, would be exposed and falter.

This war was premeditated in DC, London and the Zionists in control of these Governments.
Hitler was entrapped through means of refusing to peacefully resolve his legitimate grievances, which was openly acknowledged by cooler, wiser heads at the time.

Korean War 1950 - 53
The US provoked the North Koreans into skirmishes to create a pretext to attack and wage a full blown war.
After one year of unrelenting bombing of North Korea, pilots and crew returned bemoaning the fact that there was nothing left to bomb, destroy and massacre!
However, the depraved powers behind this ultimate Crime against Humanity continued the war for another three years and ordered planeload after planeload of incendiary and explosive ordinances be dropped on North Korea to pursue and prolong this unimaginable Holocaust, the REAL Holocuast, against the North Korean people!
Everything was destroyed, as in Germany; Towns, Villages, Bridges, Dams, Roads, Rice-paddies, Forests, everything that moved, from farmers to school kids to cattle!

♦ See one account of the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the US below!

Cuba 1960s
The Joint Chiefs of Staff devised plans of False Flag Terrorism to blame it on Castro as a pretext for war against Cuba.
The operations were dubbed Operation Northwoods, Mongoose and Dirty Tricks and envisaged US perpetrate terrorism against American targets which included the harebrained proposals to blame a possible (or planned) crash of the Mercury Space flight with John Glenn on board on Cuba.
The operations’ proposals included the manufacture of Russian MIG look alike fighters to stage attacks on US ships, planes and other targets to blame it on Cuba. It also proposed to blow up US ships and hijack planes, all with the accompanying loss of US lives to generate maximum impact on the American public for pretext to war.
However JFK rejected all these proposals and thus incurred the wrath of yet another faction of NeoCon lunatics ruling in DC.

Vietnam 1959 - 75
The Gulf of Tonkin incident was a complete lie but it served its purpose as a pretext for full scale bombardment of the North.

Afghanistan 2001 -
The pretext for war against Afghanistan, the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in NY was beyond any doubt a False Flag operation carried out by the USG in cahoots with its terrible twin Israel and Mossad.
To date this criminal war of aggression cost the lives of some 100,000 innocent lives!

Iraq 2003 -
After the 9/11 FFOp failed to convince anyone that Saddam was somehow responsible for the attack a vicious vilification campaign was launched against Saddam and the ruse of the WMDs was finally used as a pretext for war against Iraq.
They did indeed find some WMDs in Iraq, they were the same ones the US had supplied Saddam with to wage the brutal and bloody war against Iran, instigated by the US. The Iran – Iraq, 1980 - 88, war cost some 1.5 million lives.

Libya 2011 -
Gaddafi was the target of a concerted vilification and smear campaign from the day in 1969 when he seized power from the US/UK’s puppet king Idris, which was more of Warlord than a king.
The US/UK maintained a rebel group loyal to puppet Idris and when Gaddafi seriously worked towards a Gold backed pan African Dinar the terrorist attacks and ‘protests’ were intensified with the US’ mercenary assets from AQ. The French, UK and US were all party to the set up of Gaddafi as all had an urgent interest in preventing the emergence of a fair and equitable currency competing with their exploitative Fiat currency crime racket.

Syria 2011 -
As with Libya and the US orchestrated Arab Spring, the protests in Damascus were organised by the US Embassy and CIA ops with mostly imported AQ mercenaries, fresh from their Libya stint where they successfully laid the pretext for war against that country.
The war in Syria is not by any measure a civil war, it was an externally orchestrated war of aggression from the outset against a peaceful, prosperous, harmonious and multiethnic country which came into the crosshairs of the NeoCon MIC/WS plotters in DC and has been so by the Zionists from the day they arrived at the Squatter Colony on Palestinian land.

The lunatics in DC and the Think Tanks seriously are planning a ‘First Strike’ nuclear attack on Russia and China to prevent the emergence of a competing power to the US, as their deranged Wolfowitz/Brzezinski Doctrines go.
Thus Russia, and to a lesser extent China, has been vilified with lies and FFOps like the MH17 Atrocity, lies about Russian involvement in the Eastern Ukraine and Russia’s imminent attack on the Baltic States, Sweden and any country playing along with the US/NATO program to pave the way for war against Russia.
Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact the only warmonger is the NATO western alliance under the leadership of the US, edging the world ever closer to Armageddon in the form of a nuclear holocaust.

◆ Conclusion

The War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity by the US are of such a scale and magnitude that it would take reams of books to cover them all.

But what is consistently evident is the duplicity, perfidy and conceit with which the USG has conducted itself on the international stage.
The US knows no friends, no allies, no partners; it only considers the rest of the planet a resource to be subjugated and exploited for its own enrichment and pleasure, and anyone resisting in the least is crushed and destroyed!

The UN data chronicling that 1.3 Billion souls perished due to the US and the nature of the parasitic, predatory and exploitative Currency System, which is entirely controlled by the US, should be a stark wakeup call to any nation contemplating signing away its Sovereignty to this One State Crime-Wave and hitching its destiny and providence to such an out of control criminal rogue state of perpetual Crimes against Humanity.

Those who secretly harbour the sick notion that ‘thanks’ to these unspeakable crimes, at least the planet is forced to feed that many mouths less fails to grasp that the exact opposite is in fact true.
Had the world economic, and its underlying Currency system, been based on sound, fair and equitable Money providing a level playing field, just as Gaddafi’s Gold backed pan-African Dinar would have provided, every nation would have been able to develop according to its own potential, and relative affluence always leads to much reduced family sizes, and thus the world population would be a fraction of what it is today. But of course the unmitigated Greed, Conceit and Venality of the Neo-Con strategists of the MIC controlling US have a very narrow view of ‘vision’, which only sees the US as the sole arbiter and dispenser of law, truth and power and has acted accordingly.

The American MIC is behind the secret concoction of the TPP/TTIP and the ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) Tribunals are designed to enslave in perpetual Vassalage any nation whose government is treacherous enough to sign up to this ‘Declaration of Vassalage’!

It is the very same people who conspire the wars, the terrorism, the death, destruction, misery and mayhem the USG wreaks upon humanity which are behind the TPP/TTIP, and this is the misanthropic, genocidal mob the eleven Pacific Rim countries signed this Declaration of Vassalage with.

As Major General Smedley Butler in his book "War is a Racket" wrote:
"I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.
I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912.
I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested."

TPP: Traitors signing away their sovereignty to the MIC/WS Criminals who are behind all the Death and Destruction on the planet!

Traitors signing away their Country's Sovereignty

There are no longer any statesmen of the stature of Gough Whitlam or David Lange who would dare the defy the US of Atrocities and opt for the Sovereignty of their own country first and consider the rights, laws and welfare of its citizens above those of the dictate from DC.

The conniving, threats and bribery the US employs to get its way in enslaving every nation on the planet is wide in the open, and the current crop of prostitute politicians in countries signing up to the TPP/TTIP are either bribed, bought off, spineless, committing treason, or all of that; evidently it is the latter of these!

Every country signing up to this travesty of a treasonous document becomes, not just through association, but by actively supporting and prolonging the existence of this perpetual Crime against Humanity, an active party to it and thus is guilty of every one of the long litany of indescribable Crimes the US of Atrocities is perpetually perpetrating.
What's more, by doing so these countries wittingly finance and support their own enslavement, oppression and exploitation.

Instead of moving ever closer into total vassalage and this Orwellian corporate OWG tyranny plotted by the moneyed, misanthropic and cogently psychopathic Oligarchy, humanity must reject all the illegitimate 'authorities' imposed from the top down and return to self-government, that is self-determination and decision making on a local level, enabling communities to take care of themselves and preserve their traditional, cultural and treasured values and regain their economic and political sovereignty!

These are self-evident, inalienable and universal rights, which can't and mustn't be destroyed wilfully as has been done to all of Humanity with the three biggest scams of all times foisted on us top-down:
Governments, Religion and Fiat Currency!

♦ Footnote

The US massacre at No Gun Ri

This one, out of countless other examples, is simply to illustrate the utter depravity, barbarity and inhumanity the US and its programmed killing robots conduct themselves in all foreign lands where they fight against, i.e. massacre, defenseless peasants and productive people so they can rape and plunder their country!

On the 25 July 1950, the US military massacred 400 civilian refugees (mostly women & children) using air strikes & machine gun fire over multiple days at No Gun Ri, South Korea. To this day, the US refuses to admit a massacre occurred and has never apologized.
During the massacre, which occurred during the Korean War, US planes flew over columns of refugees and fired on them. Then US soldiers on the ground opened fire with machine guns as the group fled for cover.
Recalling the massacre, Yang Hae-chan, a 10 year old boy in 1950, said US planes returned repeatedly:

"Chaos broke out among the refugees. We ran around wildly trying to get away.”

Park Sun-Yong, whose 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter were killed in the massacre, said:
"Children were screaming in fear and adults were praying for their lives, and the whole time they never stopped shooting.”
Former US soldier Joe Jackman, who witnessed the massacre, said:

"There was a lieutenant screaming like a madman, fire on everything, kill 'em all... Kids, there was kids out there, it didn't matter what it was, 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy, they shot 'em all."

By the 2nd day of the massacre, the gunfire was reduced to “potshots” when a trapped refugee moved or tried to escape. Dying of thirst, survivors resorted to drinking blood-filled water from a small stream running under the bridge.

The incident was largely unknown outside of Korea until a 1999 Pulitzer winning AP report published US military personal corroborating the accounts of the survivors. The report published declassified US army documents, which showed that it was US army policy to fire on civilians.

The historian Sahr Conway-Lanz found that the order to fire on civilians was 'theater-wide policy', hence not an isolated incident. Korean scholar Taewoo Kim found ”Most fighter-bomber pilots regarded Korean civilians in white clothes as enemy troops.”

The US continues to deny a massacre occurred; however, in 2001 a US report acknowledged the killing, but described it as ‘an unfortunate tragedy inherent in war’ and ‘not a deliberate killing’. Survivors have called the report an attempt to whitewash the massacre.

The US has refused to open a new investigation into the massacre & has never apologized or provided compensation to the victims’ families despite the fact that US troops have admitted to the massacre.

A South Korean investigation found there were more than 200 cases of massacres committed by the US during the Korean War, mostly in the form of air attacks.

To put this into context as to how the US sees the planet as their fiefdom, where they can do as they please and massacre deliberately fabricated foes and colored people at will, the 1950 - 1953 Korean Crime against Humanity was deemed to be a 'police action' and not a war and needed no Congressional approval!

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